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An Exocism?

  • Monday, December 21, 2020 5:21 PM
    Message # 9444922

    Five years ago...

    Omaha was 13-3-2 (or 13-3-1-1 or something). A brand new home, fresh off a Frozen Four appearance. It was the best of times on 67th Street.

    A player, a teammate, a comrade, a family member was struggling. He made the difficult decision to leave the program.

    The coach questioned the decision, called him names, said some disparaging things. The good times were over. The players were shattered, devastated, upset. Their hearts had not only been broken, the pieces were ripped from their hearts, thrown on the floor and crushed. They lost their way. They lost a lot of games (14 of the last 18).

    The coach had lost the room. He would eventually lose his job.

    It is only fitting that almost five years to the day, the one player remaining from that team became a rallying point for the current members. It very well may be an exorcism on the last demon that has been haunting this program.

    It has been clear all #SiloSeries wrong that the culture in the dressing room, the attitudes, the aura are different with this team. There is emotion. There is desire. There is hope.

    You can hear it in an otherwise empty Baxter Arena. You can see it on their faces. You could feel it when Taylor Ward tied the game against Duluth.

    Omaha Hockey is back.

  • Monday, December 21, 2020 9:55 PM
    Reply # 9445205 on 9444922
    1. Four competent if not highly capable lines.
    2. Solid defensive group, with offensive abilities.
    3. Goaltending
    4. Reasonably solid role players as backup.
    5. Attitude, engagement, drive, desire.
    6. A four star that has yet to suit up.
    And lo the demons were cast out and the angels sang...
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