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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S3, E13 - “Taylor Made Victory”

  • Saturday, December 19, 2020 12:53 PM
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    The UNO Hockey team’s entertaining 6-5 victory over Western Michigan (in the #NCHCPod at Omaha’s Baxter Arena) is the focus of conversation for the 13th episode of 3rd season of the “Mavpuckcast.”

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  • Saturday, December 19, 2020 3:23 PM
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    Jon counting down to Christmas. Have you got your shopping done?

    Are we calling this a Christmas Season miracle?

    A little early for dead air, boys.

    Nah… this game was too close. Let’s just win every game in a blowout.

    I’ll have to take your word for how Omaha ‘looked’. I can only go by how it sounded – and it wasn’t good. Fell behind early. Conceded a late in a period. Ugh.

    Let’s drum Jason out of the fandom.

    Good to see Ward get going. The move off the Abate line appears to be paying off. Pairing with Weiss is good. Weiss can create and feed. Ward can finish.

    Weiss puts some surprisingly big hits on players. He doesn’t do it often, but when he does it catch players off guard.

    Randl’s goal… Ward set up like Gretzky behind the net.

    The power play hasn’t been bad. We just haven’t finished. We’re getting good looks. Noted Brushett was a scratch. I think keeping Brushett and Weiss off the same unit should help.

    Blais ran one PP set up. It was to set up one guy – sometimes Pope, sometimes Jordan, sometimes whoever before Pope at the right-hand faceoff dot. It was predictable.

    The too many men penalties… ugh. The one late in the game could have been fatal.

    There was hope the podcast would have been done?

    It was a lot of fun for everyone once it got to 4-4… at least on our side. But there was still work to be done.

    Jar up whatever Gabby said. Might need it later.

    No, Jon. Not going along with that one. Why not just say he unbroke the Tychonick? See… I can be equally awful at this.

    …and the Jack Randl fanned on a pass.

    That could have been real bad. Western was annoyed by Sullivan hooting and hollering. They have just taken a huge sucker punch from us. And they put us on our butts.

    Pre-fricken-moo… on a rebound. This is why we need to pump pucks at the net and get bodies there.

    Weiss was the extra guy. He was supposed to go off for the change, but decided to slow up the counter attack. Sundberg has to be certain Weiss is coming. Maybe we should rant to the media, like Michigan Tech’s coach about ‘too many men’ calls. Bonus points if you can get the rule wrong.

    I’d rather we just win. Don’t care how.

    Have to love the fight of this team. Buried early, came back.

    Not too excited about second in the conference – because I think we are a game up on everyone. Where are we on Sunday, after 9 games.

    Ward was player of the game. Take it, Jon.

    First goal was immediate from the faceoff.

    Sympathy vote for Prokop?

    Miller has been good. Not as noticeable as earlier in the #SiloSeries.

    It seems to me Omaha has been setting trends at the Pod. Specifically, comebacks.

    Jon is 48 going on 17. Gabinet is 14 going on 40.

    Don’t sleep on Colorado College. Haviland has them moving in the right direction. I think they were bitten early by fatigue and bad goaltending. But Basse has backstopped them long enough for them to find their legs.

    I’d expect a very close game on Monday. The Tigers are much improved. And a Monday lunch date throws EVERYONE out of whack.

    Why not 3-2, Jon?

    I don’t blame Roden for the start. But, I’d say Monday is Saville’s game.

    Strategy is only genius when it works.

    Roden has proven he can step up when you need him. See: North Dakota, last year.

    My comments on your blog: erhgkl;afg;elahfgupoerhgafagk;jjasfg;hlfg

    Go Mavs or Go Home!

  • Sunday, December 20, 2020 7:43 PM
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    I think I would rather get the rona then endure another podcast....

    I hope we go back to normal soon...too much podcast....ears bleeding....

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