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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S3, E12 - “Chayse'n Glory on the Final Road Trip to Omaha”

  • Friday, December 18, 2020 1:15 PM
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    In the 12th episode of the 3rd season of the “Mavpuckcast,” we talk about the UNO Hockey team’ second matchup against Minnesota Duluth in the #NCHCPod at Omaha’s Baxter Arena... 

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  • Friday, December 18, 2020 5:10 PM
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    Are we only saying it was a good game because we won?

    Let’s not take away the student-athletes chance to go home for the holidays.

    Omaha used to go to the east coast and knock out a couple games – Princeton and Yale, Boston U and Boston College. One game each. It was just a weekend.

    We are missing some of the tournaments – Mariucci Cup (Thanksgiving), Denver Cup, Badger Showdown. Does anyone remember when Huntsville had a tournament?

    The Stampede was fun to open the season. But they exemption for it went away, and nobody would come out because of it. Once the exemptions went away we were scrambling. Manitoba actually ended up in one of the last Stampedes.

    Let’s not forget, we were supposed to be in the Desert Hockey Classic this year. Was just wondering if we will be in that next year.

    The GLI is actually hosted by Michigan Tech. Michigan and Michigan State have permanent invites. They seemed to stop rotating the guest team. It seems to be Western Michigan, any more, almost permanently.

    Oh, yeah… we played a game.

    First period was awful. As bad as the Miami OF OHIO game… except Duluth had us under siege… because they’re a better team.

    Get to the good part.

    We simply need to throw the puck at the net more. You’re about to talk about Primeau’s goal – which might be Weiss’. But it was a bouncing puck that found its way in.

    Jolene and Jon are in trouble for breaking superstition.

    Wow… someone in the Brooks family knows the name of an opponent player.

    I’m trying to remember the Loheit hit. But 5 seconds in, the puck is in the bet.

    Let’s talk about Primeau more. He’s been really good this season.

    That was the Cliff’s Notes version of what happened, Jason. No discussion of how we got there?

    Randl? Miller? I think Miller. Jon is covering the details. Communication needed by the refs. Deep referee wasn’t in position to sort out where the puck was. High official could be yelling – but in a loud building, that might not be heard. And some refs don’t believe in communicating the puck is loose.

    Ward looked ripe to score a goal… then he got one.

    Power play getting good looks, but just not finishing. Might be related to Brushett and Weiss – who both seem to look good, but can’t finish.

    I do not like shootouts. Not natural to the game. Individual skill, nothing to do with team.

    6 rounds.

    6 rounds.

    Ward. Randl. Sullivan. Conley. Bremer. Primeau.

    Let twitter be your notepad.

    Primeau had a really good look coming out of the box. Needed to wait an extra half a heartbeat. And yes, I said he shouldn’t get a shootout attempt – but it took us 6 to get to him, so I’m ok.

    I’ve got Ward for player of the game. I think Ward was better than Primeau. Ward was itching all night to score a goal, and he finally got one. Can we give it collectively to anyone who played center? We were dominant at the dot.

    This game against Western will not go the same way as the last one. The challenge for us is to forget the previous result. Western is playing much better. Cain has improved. And Western will be looking to set the record straight.

    Do not mention Ethen Frank. Don’t do it. Aw, crap… I did.

    3-2… saw that coming.


    5 goals, 2 assists… he doesn’t pass enough. There. I said it. Puck hog.

    Jason had something to drink before this podcast, didn’t he?

    Just wait until Monday, when we play CC at noon!

    I don’t want the Silo Series to end.

    Go Mavs.

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