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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S3, E11 - “The Roden Less Traveled”

  • Monday, December 14, 2020 11:09 AM
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    On this episode of the podcast, we discuss UNO’s 2-0 victory over St. Cloud State at Baxter Arena on Dec. 13. 

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  • Tuesday, December 15, 2020 7:45 PM
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    Hi. Hello. Good evening.

    Jon... THRILLED to be here.

    Congrats on guessing how many goals we will score. HOW DARE YOU UNDERESTIMATE HOW MANY WE WOULD GIVE UP.

    Jon subscribing to the 'back up goalie' aura theory. That a team will tighten up defensively, or give more effort with the less-trusted goalie behind them.

    Jason is jumping on board.

    One of the problems with the power play is the Weiss-Brushett combination on the same unit. Two puck movers. Weiss is supposed to be a point man or trigger man, but he doesn't shoot often enough. I'd rather split them as guys who can make the pass or create space. More options to shoot.

    Woot! Shout out. (So you DO read my comments.)

    Done with Miami OF OHIO. Mercifully. Hopefully we dodge them in the playoffs, too.

    There it is -- I knew Kemp had a team that he just couldn't beat. Fairbanks. Darn heavily-armed, aviator-wearing polar bears.

    Sunday felt like 'bend, don't break'.

    Jason is right about our counter-punching ability. Though, I would argue we can cycle with the best of them. Conley, Sundberg ('Sunny'), Ward, Weiss, Primeau all can work the boards. And I feel like we're seeing defensemen activate into those cycle situations, too -- Scanlin, Proctor, and Krenzen have all been jumping deep into the play.

    I though Proctor's shot hit Primeau in front. I'm guessing any evidence to change the scoring was inconclusive. Though, usually you just ask Primeau if it hit him -- and take his word for it.

    Both goals... traffic in front. Throw the puck at the net. Good things happen.

    Prokop had the breakaway, and it rolled just wide. (I really wish I could jump in live on this.) Yes, I'm yelling at you.

    Noah created that opportunity by jumping the passing lane at the blueline -- shorthanded, I think -- and created the breakaway.

    The review... MICHIGAN GOAL. #StillNotAGoal #StillNotOverIt #Triggered

    hehe... Michigan outscored St. Cloud.

    They must have ruled Sundberg provided some force in that play. Or simply that they couldn't tell where the puck was. Inconclusive. The ruling was what should have happened in 2011.

    Perbix made a nice hustle play to save that goal.

    Roden with the 10-bell save going post-to-post in the 58th or 59th minute to preserve the shutout.

    Too many hours of this podcast. And I have no idea who you're referencing.

    Do you REALLY have to pick a player of the game? If you both don't pick Roden, I'm turning this off.

    Jason has to think hard now for a second player. Ward was good. Still not himself. Still not what we expect of him.

    I'd go with Proctor as a secondary pick. He's been a bit more noticeable in the past couple games. Prokop showing up, too.

    How about Saville as player of the game? Consummate teammate. Gave up the net for a night, but he was the most emotional player in the post-game mob.

    Grand Forks is on the wrong side of the north-south continental divide. It's north, but technically east of the Missouri. But it's west of the Red, which kinda picks up the same meridian.

    Dulutg... They've looked really good. But we've had some success against them.

    Every game will finish 3-2 in Jason's dream world. Boring.

    Jon did not work his endurance in the pre-season. How can you be worn out? But I like the rationale. Pick Roden for the game-winner.

    Get original: Roden scored the 6th goal, as an empty netter. Then gives a goal up. And then we tack on a second empty-netter.

    I think we're a bit ahead of where we thought we would be. That Miami OF OHIO loss... such a setback. But hoping for some momentum. Carry the effort over from St. Cloud. Beat Western -- like we know we can do. Then run CC out of the building again. Get as many points as we can before UND and Denver show up on the schedule.

    I kinda like the Pairwise going for 60 minutes to a result. Overtime is extra time. Teams were really even. OK, we found a winner in a pseudo-team setting. We forced a winner.

    I like keeping the levels unique. We don't have fights in college. It sets us apart. If you're a purist, Jason -- no overtime... or at least accept ties. Standings are difficult to read now, too. But at least the NCHC has all games worth 3 points -- not some worth 2, some with 3 (for overtime results).

    Stop acting like you don't want to do this. If you don't want to do it, stop doing it.

    Let's go, UNO.

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