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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S3, E10 - “Be on the Nice List or Else...”

  • Sunday, December 13, 2020 10:16 AM
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    RedHawks. Cardboard cutout placement. Masks. Predictions. Get the whole rundown on our “Be on the Nice List or Else...” episode of the “Mavpuckcast.”

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  • Sunday, December 13, 2020 8:02 PM
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    Who are you? Jon doesn’t know who he is any more.

    No, Jason. We’re not. Now let us never mention it again.

    Just say it: Omaha twizzlered the bed. Mountain Dewed it down our legs. I warned you. Both games against Miami OF OHIO in the #SiloSeries were the same kind of game. Boring game. Poor play. No passion.

    Passes were a stride behind all day.

    I still didn’t feel the urgency late in the third. Maybe it was that they went from zero to where they should have been all day. One of those games where 10 minutes to go in the game, you just don’t see where the goal is going to come from.

    Bergeron has something over Gabinet. Like Tom Serratore (Bemidji) over Blais.

    I think there is a mental thing, too. Miami knows they can beat us. We know Miami can beat us. I think Miami occupies the same mental space that Denver holds on us.

    Uh oh… someone touched the cutouts.  Bad karma.  You’d think people in a hockey arena would understand superstition. I’m with B on this one.

    Ugh… Miami OF OHIO scored on a second chance, seeing-eye puck.

    I don’t see the loss as on Saville. Though, he only saw like 10 shots. Maybe Roden can spark us.

    With 19 skaters available, I’d dress Conley – even if it’s just to sit on the bench with the guys. I think he can be the emotional guide we need. We’ve looked lost twice without him.

    Get Abate off the top scoring line. Conley and Ward are not effective chasing the puck because Abate lost the draw.

    I also think splitting Conley and Ward forces teams to decide who is the bigger danger. You can only deploy your top D pair against one. If Weiss and Brushett became bigger scoring threats, that would also help. And we can’t have 9 and 40 on the same PP unit. Too many puck movers, need shooting threats.

    Hopefully that is out of our system. Hopefully it’s not the start of Swoontober.

    Stop looking at the standings. Just win.

    It’s possible the Redhawks were a trap game. Looking ahead. A whole lot of mental factors at play.

    Did they move the cutouts back?

    Persson played well. One huge save on Bremer midway through the third. But it also felt like he wasn’t challenged often enough. Miami OF OHIO parked the bus in front of the net. We just didn’t have shooting lanes.

    Jason’s got it. Saville – despite limited opportunity – outplayed Persson.

    Follow your shots.

    If we don’t concede… we likely go to another overtime session… and probably a shootout.

    Stop looking at the standings! Play your game. Control your own destiny.

    Player of the game. Brock ‘Brak’ Bremer. Hustliing all day. Darn it, Jason… again? Just watching Bremer read the play in his own end. He was cleaning up a lot.

    Jon chooses Abate for not taking a stupid penalty.

    Ward needs to get going. I question if he is 100%.

    After Miami OF OHIO. I have no hope. But maybe we’ll carry a chip on our shoulders. Or maybe we’re just worn out. We haven’t explored our depth, yet. But I think St. Cloud has it over us.

    No takebacks, Jon.

    Mask protocol… it’s logical. It’s not perfect, but it’s something.

    Glad you’re having some fun with the mask thing. It’s not bad to have some levity, here.

    What kind of question is that, Jon? Burn out on hockey? Does not exist. Cannot comprehend.

    Jason wants big brother watching his TV viewing: watching watching you watching me.


    24 hours from now? When will it hit the message board, Jon?  LATE LATE LATE.

    Let’s go, UNO.

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