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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S3, E9 - “I Saw a Tiger and the Mavs Want Fans”

  • Sunday, December 13, 2020 12:34 AM
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    On this episode of the “Mavpuckcast”... the discussion centers around UNO’s win against Colorado College on Dec. 9. We also discuss single-game tickets going on sale for the second half of the UNO Hockey season. 

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  • Sunday, December 13, 2020 7:02 PM
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    Helloooooooooooo, nurse.

    Let’s get into the Wayback Machine to pretend this was posted before Omaha lost to Miami: yes, they are fun to watch.

    Might still be too early for a flooded backyard ice rink. Need to get it down towards 17 degrees.

    Shooting pucks through neighbor’s windows… is this a common occurrence for you? Hit the net and you don’t have this problem.

    Yell and scream. Yell and scream. Let’s go!

    If we’re gonna score two short-handed goals, and not concede a power play goal… take all the penalties you want. Play with that edge. …except you, Abate.

    Weiss looked like he was shooting more – that’s good to see.

    I wonder if CC was just not up for back-to-back games. Coming back from CV, you have to question the lungs, the legs, the stamina. But early on you could tell Vernon was struggling. He’s a rebound machine, and prone to the soft goal. It was the soft goal that got him the hook. I think he gave up two really soft goals last year against us – one in CS, and one here… but eerily similar to each other.

    Abate… ugh. Kid needs to sit a game. Zero excuse for taking a dime in that situation.

    Seven-second delay for mic’ing up Abate.

    I noticed the masks, too. Wondered if it was something just because of what CC went through, if they added it for the Tigers games.

    St. Cloud – Western. Was that the minor + misconduct(s) for shooting after the whistle?

    I always wore a cage when I skated out. Never a full shield. I bought a hybrid, like in the Mighty Ducks, at one point… but never wore it. As a ref, I had to wear a half-shield. It is mandated now. I was a couple years ahead of the mandate – and it probably saved me. But it does catch sweat. Never had much of an issue with it fogging. But eventually craps out – muddies itself and even crackles a bit.

    SIDE NOTE: go look back through Western Michigan and Ferris State in the 80s. They had yellow tinted full shields. They look like they peed in fishbowls. I believe even WMU goalie Bill Horn wore one – which is not recommended.

    Player of the game: Jack Randl. The SHG, his hustle, griding things out in the corners. He’s been good. He stood out against CC.

    Glad we didn’t miss Conley. He went out against Miami OF OHIO, and there was a significant fall off.

    Blais left the cupboard bare. Even last year, I believe Kothenbeutel was the only healthy forward scratch.

    Bremer has been good.

    Stop taking my picks, Jason.  I’d just like to know WHEN those eight months were.

    We seem to be enjoying wearing black at home.

    DO NOT OVERLOOK MIAMI OF OHIO. We did that 4 times, last year. It was sickening.

    Jon… … … …

    I think we all want to blow these games wide open. But that’s not Gabinet’s style.

    I picked Miami to beat us last time. I’m still pessimistic that we can beat them.

    I wouldn’t play Roden against Miami OF OHIO. We tried that last year. Lost 4-0.

    (I’m still in the Wayback Machine.)

    Those offensive numbers are skewed. Mostly by Western Michigan’s awful goaltending. Vernon helped, too.

    Shut up, Siri. Nobody asked you. Nobody ever asked you anything.

    I’m not sure about this plan to sell tickets. Let’s not rush back. We’re just asking for trouble.

    Jon, is your life not more important that your streak? Or are you hoping that if you get sick, Bridget will leave you alone?

    Not sure killing you off is about ending the streak. It’s just about making sure you and Bridget go away. You may think you’re helping… lol.

    Full body condoms, Jon.

    OK… Go Mavs… Be done.  Bridget, make Jon wrap this up. …the podcast, not anything else.

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