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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S3, E8 - “Omaha’s First Road Loss at Baxter Arena”

  • Wednesday, December 09, 2020 2:33 PM
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    Here is the latest episode of the podcast... just in time for a new one tomorrow! ;-)

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  • Wednesday, December 09, 2020 7:31 PM
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    Jon seems rather perturbed about doing another cast.

    I was tired of you three years ago. Just kidding.

    There’s a schedule for this podcast?

    …and they remain undefeated.

    We should have a benefit for both games against St. Cloud. They’ll be on the back end of back-to-back. We will be rested by having a day off before. (I’ll double check that.)

    Where were you when I was going into college, Jason?


    I still love how we’ve responded and pushed after every goal.

    Sadly, we seem are good on five-minute kills. It’s a skill I wish I didn’t know we have.

    I’ll go back to a comment I made in another thread – I feel like we pace ourselves in the middle period. Like we come out burning. Then let up in the second, hoping we have something left in the third.

    Is defending a one-goal lead like a football defense? Conceded in the middle of the field, but as you get your backs to the goal line… you step up a bit? Bend, but don’t break?

    Good to see Ward get one. Even if it was just a fortunate bounce.

    Saville was not sharp. But good goaltending is reliant on strong defense. Can’t go to the great save well too often.

    We had been playing well. No reason to change that coming off two wins. Roden will get a game this weekend, as our schedule condenses a bit. That said… we need to put up some goose eggs at some point.

    So far, the schedule hasn’t been too demanding for Omaha. One back-to-back. Think playoffs… you need your number one guy to go three consecutive games. This is a pro-style schedule. Saville will need a day, somewhere… but haven’t seen a reason for change, yet.

    Castor was better than Hrenak has been for St. Cloud. Possible we beat Hrenak in that game.

    No mention of Western Michigan at the bottom of the standings? That’s who is there. And if Bussi is out through the break… that’s where they’ll stay.

    Fresh faces: unknown quantities for opponents, desire to impress from our guys.

    Roster building. Sundberg talking about chemistry – it’s not about finding the top of the charts in recruiting. Like Herb Brooks: not looking for the best players. Looking for the right ones.

    With the lack of lineup changes, I think Gabby has been working 5-man units. Very Russian.

    I think the Sullivan line as the top line is pairing with the top D pair – it’s a shutdown line. He’s not hiding his top defensive line in the chart – he’s putting it at the top, letting the opponent know those are the guys their top line will face.


    Player of the game… I’m staying with Sullivan. Love what he’s doing in his own end. Kid is going to have bruises on bruises by the end of the season.

    Weiss has been good with the puck. Just want to see him shoot a bit more.

    Yes, yes, and yes to what Jason is saying about Sullivan. He’s earned that letter.


    Omaha should change their colors – if we’re not going to wear Crimson. Let’s steal Bowling Green’s Brown and Orange.

    I think the centers need to be shaken up a bit. Can’t carry Abate and Primeau with their faceoff percentages – it’s an albatross. And Sullivan can’t take every faceoff.


    Oh, dear… the Dean Blais Random Line Generator.

    Versatility, Jason. Teach it at the lower levels. Riley Alford, Grant Gallo, Tony Turgeon… guys who will line up anywhere. I think Aaron Pearce was another. Joe Yurecko and David Brisson in the early years.


    Until when?

    Go Mavs.

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