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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S3, E7 - “A ‘Sunny’ Outcome”

  • Sunday, December 06, 2020 1:40 PM
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    We’re back... another episode of the “Mavpuckcast”...

    In this episode, we talk about the UNO Hockey team’s 2-1 OT win over Miami (OH) at Baxter Arena. 

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  • Sunday, December 06, 2020 7:59 PM
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    Are you complaining about doing a podcast?

    Readers… Listeners… Podders… Sheep.

    Jon is superfocused. (That means no Sprite.)

    Let’s not needlessly discuss last year. We did that last podcast. But yes, yesterday was scarily close to that type of game getting away from us.

    Conley did not choose to make contact. Savage skated into him. Conley might have gotten a little bit of an elbow in there. I simply don’t have a penalty on that play. Savage has to show control of himself. But I will say, the linesman should’ve blown the play down to avoid the contact. Conley was actually trying to avoid contact.

    I saw a small nudge from the elbow. But that’s reflex. It’s also a natural skating motion.

    I do remember the cross-check. Abate’s head did go into the boards… I think.

    Conley was the best player at that point. He spun a couple Miami OF OHIO defensemen on their heads early. Really used speed to exploit the Redhawks bigger defensemen.

    Jon being American/Canadian. Likes the physical game. In Europe, they like skill, don’t like body plays – hence the bigger rink, and stricter rules. In Europe, you can actually be penalized for essentially hitting someone too hard.

    There’s the argument, Jason. Conley had nowhere to go. He’s not attempting to make a check. You can’t penalize a player for being in the wrong place… at least you shouldn’t.

    I think the proper call could’ve been a minor for Hitting from Behind. Keep in mind, it’s open ice (not along the boards) – so it’s just a minor. You could have also gotten him for elbowing. But it’s too the head, so they’re uber-protective.

    Get over the Saville hit. It wasn’t a penalty… and it was LAST SEASON.

    Good things happen when you throw the puck at the net. Jon says Zanon. I say Ward. Everyone should take note. They say in overtime there is no such things as a bad shot. I say in hockey there is no such things as a bad shot. Just get the puck to the net.

    I think we’ve talked about this ad nauseum over the past several years. Don’t put yourself in a position where a bounce or a call or bad luck can cost you.

    Glynn with the near-miss on the bang-bang. Wide open net, pushed it about a foot wide.

    New overtime format, not playoff.

    Cardboard cutout rules. You rambled on for 55 minutes on the cardboard cutout rules.

    NCHC plays for 60 minutes for a decision. NCAA makes you go 65 for the draw. You can get a full win in the NCAA, but only get 2 points from the NCHC – if you score in overtime.

    “I’ll read them to you…” – Craig Nigrelli.

    The only change in the NCAA rule is that you play 3-on-3 – instead of 5-on-5 – for the five-minute extra session. This eliminates the extra five minutes the NCHC would play to determine a winner.

    No effect on the Pairwise. 60 minutes regulation. 5-Minute over time for NCAA. THERE ARE NO POINTS IN THE NCAA/PAIRWISE STANDINGS. It’s all record for NCAA/Pairwise/RPI.

    Jon’s been getting choked up, lately. You OK, buddy?

    Give credit to ‘Sunny’ for holding the neutral zone by dragging his back leg. Then some nice (APPLE)sauce on the pass to spring Sundberg on goal.

    The road sweaters are better than the home ones. Not sure I can explain it. I would like to see red come back.

    I’ve got Sullivan or Abate for player of the game. Both big on penalty kills. Sully was blocking shots – which is apparently what he does. Primeau would be a good pick. Scanlin nice, too.

    Abate’s success rate in the circle still concerns me. But Jason points out, he releases well to cover that deficiency.

    Going to be tough against Saint Cloud. But Hrenak hasn’t looked good. We might get Castor – who I think played against us, once. Hoping Denver wears them down.

    Omaha has depth – and we’ve only seen four lines. There are still like 10 guys we haven’t seen.

    Until next time: Go. Mavericks. Woooo.

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