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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S3, E4

  • Saturday, November 28, 2020 1:39 PM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The final pre-pod episode before the start of the NCHC’s pod hockey extravaganza on Dec. 1. 

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  • Monday, November 30, 2020 9:37 PM
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    Helloooo, Jason.


    If anyone would like to know where Bridget shops….

    If you’re not watching hockey, where are you drinking this beer, Jason? At work?

    Jon needs a hug.

    I once decided not to die for UNO Hockey. It was the Ohio State 2OT playoff game. Got as far as 132nd and Dodge, decided going to the game might be the last thing I ever did. Turned around, watched the game on TV with Torri Pantaleon and Jason White on the call. Don’t think I would’ve died going to the St. Cloud game a couple years ago. But I probably wouldn’t have gotten home.

    Not sure I get the tiers – though, it’s not the same as the NHL. People working in the NCHC pod/silo don’t make money doing so. It’s certainly not their primary job.

    Sigh… Colorado College trying to ruin it for everyone.

    Depth in college hockey doesn’t seem to be as big of an issue as college football, or NHL hockey. I’m not sure anyone looks at a college hockey roster and says: “why is he out there?” Every one of these kids have earned their spot. The fall-off as you get to the bottom of the rosters isn’t as noticeable… at least not at Omaha.

    ‘Paused’… language… ugh. When did ‘face-off’ become ‘puck drop’? Why? When did ‘want-to’ replace ‘desire’? And then there is the abuse of the word ‘physical’ – ‘physicality’ is a made up word. Bo Pelini once said his team for ‘out physicaled’. Brak.

    Some kids are more interested in playing hockey (or football, or basketball) than getting an education. Seriously: get your education. Your talents permitted you an opportunity to gain this experience and knowledge.

    Let’s be optimistic. I’m hoping every game gets played. But you know someone is going to break quarantine. Someone is going to a party somewhere, or gets busted going to a bar.

     I think the penalty for leaving the bubble, is you get sent home. Zero tolerance.

    The headline will be Danny Kristo losing another toe because he went to a party in flops, in the dead of winter.

    Pod hockey… pond hockey. That’s what I hear.

    I’m working from home. Games on my TV. Glad to see MidCo coming in for production. I believe it is local crews working the cameras.

    Creighton needs money more than Omaha… Renting CHIHCO isn’t cheap. Actually shocked, the Jays aren’t moving men’s squeakball to Sokol.

    Seeing the B1G and Hockey East work without fans. I have no issue with the NCHC saying no fans all season. Maybe if we get our acts together, we can pick up where we left off last year – playoffs and the Frozen Faceoff. In all fairness, it would’ve been great if fall and winter sports lost revenue – spring sports lost theirs last year.

    Here is Jon’s loophole to keep the streak alive. If Jon and Bridget have a cutout in Baxter Arena – count it towards the streak.

    Rules. Ugh. Stop trying to restrict us!

    Do it… MavPuck your cutout.

    Burn Jason in his Avalanche sweater.

    Red Army! Woot. Nah… I’m good with no Red Army attire on the cutouts. Let’s keep it all team-specific.

    Nothing disparaging. I guess Western Michigan can’t send anyone of anything.

    No beer. North Dakota is out!

    Hey, now. I still wear Fighting Sioux attire… and Fighting Illini, too. I find all of Michigan and North Dakota offensive.

    Jason is working the sexual harassment training video verbiage. “If a reasonable adult would find this offensive…”  Then we run around for three weeks prefacing everything we say with: “are you a reasonable adult?” So far… no one has been.

    Say it, Jon… #MuckFichigan! It was the Red Army, but we didn’t start it. That started at THE Ohio State.

    Thank you, Jason! Get rid of the piped in artificial noises. Let’s hear the game in its natural setting.

    Did Jon just go all dad on Jason? Condescending mom?

    Jon said “damn”?  I am enjoying the sarcastic take down of these rules.

    Mike Kemp will be holding your cutout hostage. Jon’s will be grafitied with ‘you may think you’re helping…’

    Don’t tempt me to create a cutout for a random cat, Jon.

    Donkeys in the NoDak section!

    You’re over your hour, Jason. Wrap it up. Do you need a studio director? I have experience.

    Road to the Joe, Jon…

    Yes, you can still send faxes. Maybe not to the team. But to me at work. I’ll even get them while working from home.

    Kinkos is part of FedEx, now.

    Jason in an Avs jersey won’t make it IN to the Backlot Taphouse. That’s Red Wings country.

    Jon proportionalizing his head… so many jokes.

    I vote for doing this as often as would annoy Bridget.

    To the silo! Go Mavs!

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