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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S3, E1

  • Thursday, October 15, 2020 7:48 PM
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    The third season premiere of the Mavpuckcast podcast...

  • Thursday, October 15, 2020 8:39 PM
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  • Thursday, October 15, 2020 8:41 PM
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    ... and YouTube: 

  • Friday, November 13, 2020 7:22 PM
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    Hello, Jason! Hi, Jon!

    Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

    We could have beat Denver. We all know it. Denver knows it – they probably begged the NCHC to cancel the playoffs.

    I’m here for you, Jason. Laying this all at your feet.

    Players? PLAYERS?


    Tychonick. Tye-CON-ik. How did you butcher my name, Jon?

    Maybe North Dakota will fall victim to what Wisconsin ran into last year. High on potential, lots of draft picks, no results.

    I’m not concerned with draft prospects. It’s just hype. Michaelis at Mankato was undrafted, and he was among the best players in college hockey last year.

    Jason is on to something. Jon gets it, too. It’s about the right players, not the best. You can have too many chiefs, and not enough injuns. I think as we get further into the Gabinet era – with stability, as Jon just mentioned – teams are going to pay attention to the type of players coming out of Omaha. Might not be stars, but guys who can fill all four lines.

    Ward has to be our best NHL prospect on the roster, right now. He’s undrafted. Hoping he stays for his senior year.

    And success in college doesn’t necessarily transcend to the NHL. Scott Parse got to the show, but really didn’t do much. Look at Tanner Jaillet from Denver. Dominant college goalie. Signed a low-level minor league deal. Arguably, he’s not far ahead of Evan Weninger.

    Jason’s got it. Even draft position is no guarantee.

    I’d much rather have the ‘meat and potato’ guys. Lunch pail hockey. It’s what Kemp built. Zanon was one of those guys. I think Gabinet and DNB are recruiting those types. Talent only gets you so far. I think we saw that with Blais’ teams. At some point you need guys who play structure, do the things that don’t show up in the stats.

    Hoggan… another Kemp lunch pail guy. True grit. Wasn’t hyped as a recruit.

    Do you guys think Gabinet is over-recruiting as a safeguard from the roster being raided by the professional ranks?



    I’m shocked Tychonick came here. He was a bit of a twizzlers last year when the Whioux were in town. A healthy scratch in the first game, he was mocking the students after the Saturday game.

    Conley and Knoepke are good examples of solid transfers. Both by Gabs.

    Pentiction, Jon.

    Defensive depth needed some help. We had numbers, but interchangeable parts, last year. We have big numbers back there, but do we have talent?

    Tychonick got a waiver from the NCAA. I’m pretty sure he had it before you guys recorded this. Junior eligibility after playing two years at Grand Forks.

    I will yield to you guys on scouting. You were on about Sullivan, last year.

    Wasn’t Harrison committed elsewhere? He was a shock arrival.

    Maybe I should just make some calls to my source in the BCHL. Gave stellar review of Roden. BCHL seems to be the best of the four western provincial leagues. As you move east, the talent seems weaker. That said, there is a fall off from the Pentictons of the world to the Coquitlams.

    As much as I love Saville, and was satisfied with Roden. We need to break up the class. Losing Rousseau is a huge loss on two fronts. Will be interested to see who Gabinet and Christmas Bernie find for next year. Need to safeguard against Saville leaving early.

    Despite bringing in all right-hand shots… we still only have two RH shots on the blueline. Lost one, gained one. I’m guessing Gabinet will have a preferred side for offensive faceoffs with all the southpaws. At least I hope that lines up with Sullivan’s strength in the circle.

    Pugs is the director of scouting for Lincoln. Previously was with Jamestown. But I noticed a lot of UNO recruits drafted by Lincoln – Rousseau was one.

    You guys are making me miss the exhibition game. I’d like to see what we have in person.

    I’m good not going to the Silo Series. Let’s see if we can come out in January or February under safer conditions. Big things than being in the building. At least we can watch.

    I don’t want to offend anyone – but college football should have listened to the B1G and Pac-12.

    Are you guys going to wrap this up in the next 90 seconds? I only budgeted an hour.

    Don’t limit it to making winter bearable. It’s the only thing that makes Omaha bearable. Any time of year.

    Jason, you’re still new here. MavPuck is gospel. You should see the look on Kemp’s face when you reference MavPuck.

    75% capacity at a Lancer game affects nobody. They haven’t reached 75% capacity since they left Aksarben.

    Ask Radar to work with SIMCOMPAC on the proper forms for your refund. All filled out in triplicate.

    I’d hope UNO-TV would get involved. I have no confidence they will. Jeff Packer and Maverick Productions might be a better bet.

    I’ll be here, too. All season long. You’re welcome.

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