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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S2, E18

  • Tuesday, February 25, 2020 9:47 AM
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    This week’s episode...

  • Wednesday, February 26, 2020 5:50 PM
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    Oh man… they’re phoning it in again.

    Saturday, it looked like they ran out of gas. Is that how much Wardo means to this team?

    Jason is right. This team needs a killer instinct. No such thing as a bad shot, stop working for perfection. If you’ve got a better than 50% chance of scoring – like you can really determine that real time – take the shot.

    Ward is going to be a big loss. We might be able to escape Miami without him. I don’t know about dealing with North Dakota without him. And I’m not sure I like going to Lawson (playoffs) without him.

    Update for you (like you don’t already know): Ward is out for the season. “Severe Lower Body Injury.”

    Jordan needs to step up into the role Ward plays. Though, I’m not sure Zorro has the skill and instinct to be it. But it has to be next man up. Jordan moves up, Sundberg moves up behind him.

    Please direct your anger of SCSU waking up at Ryan Buetow.

    I’ll see if I can run some scenarios. I’m not doing anything else this week.

    Is Western Mountain Dewed off about losing to CC in the playoffs last year? Or are they vulnerable – a team that can’t win when it matters?

    I honestly like going to Lawson as a best-case scenario. Bussi is a head case, and we can knock him off his game. It will be a challenge without 17 in the lineup.

    Jon… we need to get above .500 before PWR is a conversation. Just smurfing win.

    Player of the week? SAVILLE. Done.

    Jason Smallidge had a good weekend. Conley played well for the majority – let’s not forget about his set up of Abate.

    Jon picked up on the Con-man… or the Conley Man.

    Mads (Conley) has been really good all year. Not sure why he couldn’t get a chance at Denver. Their loss.

    Conley and Ward for captains next year. Doesn’t Conley look older than Gabs? Really? Conley was going to be captain at DU? Interesting.

    Oooh… Scanlin. Yes. I will say as a group, all the blueliners played well.

    Jon is dropping junior teams. OK, Jon: Name all the junior teams I played for.

    What is with all these Dinner(s) with the Mavs?

    Kemp has some interesting stories. And he’s not afraid to tell them. I think that was the best part of the Mike Kemp Show.

    Gabby… so coy. So calm.

    Yes, let’s play the conference realignment game, again! No to Arizona State to the NCHC.

    Welcome back CCHA. Keep the old logo – no change needed. And they’ve got Michigan Tech, so the McNaughton Cup can go back to the CCHA… where it was for like 3 years in the mid- to late-80s.

    Let’s talk about Tom Anastos and Fred Pletsch screwing the pooch, killing the CCHA. They thought Penn State would just join the C. Oops.

    Alaska is a problem. But is it worth abandoning them? And is it worth ditching Huntsville?

    I think it’s a death knell for Alaska. Can the NCAA intervene – maybe restore the exemption for playing up there? Does the exemption still exist, Jon?

    I still think someone needs to be talking to Simon Fraser. If SFU jumps in, it opens the door for growth in Canada. UBC, and a few others.

    Western has it made in the Intergalactic. I see them as the weak link investment wise.

    Mankato… ugh. Not a fan of them.

    If Air Force was only using C-130s, they should be playing Alaska every year.

    Let’s not overlook St. Thomas. They’re going to have to land somewhere. If the Tommies join the Summit, I like the fit in the Nacho.

    We seem to be driven by person feelings, and not by logistics or facts.

    I think eventually the NCHC will trade Miami (and possibly Western) for Mankato and a player to be named: either St. Thomas (if they’re the 8th CCHA team) or maybe there is an opening for Notre Dame (provided Illinois and team 60-whatever join the B1G). A lot of possibilities.

    Jason, did you get to the NHL game, or were you stuck in traffic?

    I would like to see teams qualifying for the playoffs. 8 in, 2 out.

    If there is a conference that can make neutral site work – it’s the NCHC. Everyone at the X is interesting. But at what cost to fans?

    Can’t do Sunday afternoon. Need permission from the selection committee.

    Miami… OF OHIO! Miami has a mental edge over us. Do we have a chip on our shoulder?

    Careful, Jon. CC hadn’t won in conference since January 11.

    At least its Cady Arena, not Goggin. The old building was Magness before Magness.

    Primeau has improved this year. Looking forward to another step next year for him. Weiss hasn’t progressed.

    Until next time….

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