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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S2, E15

  • Tuesday, January 28, 2020 1:48 PM
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  • Tuesday, January 28, 2020 3:20 PM
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    What did you do, Jon? Oh… picked a sweep. Well done. Aww… Jason so disappointed in Jon being right. Welcome to 2007.

    Western Michigan has separated themselves from the bottom. Omaha can’t catch them this weekend. We can close to one point with a sweep.

    I just said that, Jon.

    Omaha controls their own destiny. Better the result we had at Kalamazoo. Survive Duluth. Sweep CC again. Revenge at Miami for twizzlering the bed back in November.

    Just wasn’t Saville’s night. It happens. Well timed moved by Gabinet, spurred the team. Vernon’s giveaway gave us life immediately after Roden took over. Then Vernon’s howler… yikes! Omaha may have caught a break with Ruck being hurt. Haviland had no choice but to stick with his freshman.

    All you can ask of your goaltender: make the saves you’re supposed to make. Make one – maybe two – you’re not supposed to, to steal a game.

    Colorado College’s offense is: LET WILKIE SHOOT!

    Major penalty was a back-breaker for CC. Can be for any team. Huge momentum swings on kills.

    That’s not correct, Jason. Goal lines are still 10-13 feet from the end boards, there is no change on where the lines are located. It just looks larger because of the wider rink, and sometimes – like Mariucci – DEEP, square corners.


    Weiss’ goal. In retrospect: KOBE!

    Talk about Sundberg’s ENG. Spin-o-rama!

    I thought CC would have a bigger response coming out Saturday. But the schedule change is a factor. Was concerned about Saville – totally agree with Gabinet going back to him. Certainly hope Roden understand. Most goalies do. I don’t get the impression that Roden is sulking about it – but I haven’t had many conversations with players or parents this year. Really miss Jalen Schulz’s parents.

    Zab was not on the road. UNO generally only travels with two. Trainer (when I was there, it was Rusty McKune) has the third goalies’ phone number on road trips for emergencies. There is a story about the 1997 trip to Army-West Point for why.

    “The All-Important Two-Goal Lead”!

    We seem to play well at Broadmoor World Arena. Can we not move to the new arena in the Springs? This also shoots down any theory that our issues at Magness are altitude-related.

    Agree with Jon: solid B+/marginal A-. Very much non-yikes. Next four will be big.

    Player of the weekend… nobody stood out – simply a solid team effort. Rallied around Roden. I’m not sure we had a multi-goal scorer on the weekend. Prokop played hard. Sundberg always hustling. Stewart was a force. Weiss was reading the play well – even covering the point for advancing defensemen.

    Weiss’ goal: KOBE!

    My words inspired by Rick: Tyler Weiss stole your Mars bar and ate it in front of you!

    Somebody else noted the coverage of Weiss on Saturday. That’s an awful lot of respect for a guy with 4 goals. Even his 14 assists… we have Brushett with a similar skill set and 12 assists, Primeau with 10 assists, and Conley has 11 with more goals. (Pulkkinen and his 10 helpers were scratched Saturday.) UNO is very much a choose your own adventure book – pick your poison.

    Fairness. You can call a player out from time to time. Railing on a player is different. But it can’t be all raindrops, lollipops, incense, and peppermint. That’s how players get disillusioned. (On both ends of the spectrum.)

    Oh boy! Fishwrap discussion. Dying medium. Cash grab online. Smurf the Omaha World Herald. Good for nothing.

    OWH views Omaha Hockey as upstarts and a threat to their beloved football team in Lincoln. Remember when Crieghton basketball got no coverage? It’s all about money. Huskers sell because people here foam themselves over any mention of Blackshirts and football. Bluejays sell because those are the people with money – the doctors, the lawyers, the larger business owners. Until about 1999 and the first NCAA appearance in how long?

    …makes you wonder what happens when Darin Hansen gets the men’s basketball team over the hump in the Summit. Or if Gabs can make us perennial contenders for the NCAA Tournament in hockey. Seriously, Omaha is just short of Denver in the Summit – Denver is a force is all the ‘second-tier’ sports (basically, not football or basketball). Meanwhile, Omaha is just outside the NCAA tournament in volleyball, men’s soccer, women’s soccer, men’s basketball. Baseball made it. Can they do it again? We are THAT close to being: Here is the field… (and Omaha is always there). We might be the consistent 64th team… but it would get noticed. UCLA, Texas, Clemson, Ohio State, … … … …, Omaha. And people (even just a chuckle) noting it: (SMURF), THERE’S OMAHA AGAIN! 

    Embrace the ‘…and then there’s Omaha’, anyone?

    KMTV has one sports guy… again. They ain’t going to the hockey game, let alone the presser. WOWT isn’t smart enough to change what they had going for them in the mid ‘90s. It got them to the top. They’ve fallen since, but think they can get back to the top by staying the course. (insert old ladies: “That John Knicely – he’s such a nice boy!”)

    Thank you for discussing the media coverage for 45 minutes. You gave me time to rant and present my thought.

    Jon, I believe it’s pronounced: Mick Alpine. But please check with Jordan and get back to me.

    Western Michigan – coming to town sporting their black hefty bags. …and Ethan Frank! OMG… Hometown Hero! (joneyeroll.gif)

    Jon and Jason getting excited. Take away the Sprite!

    Despite where we have ended in the standings, recently. Playoffs are different. We’ve played like a team with nothing to lose… something to play for. Is this the year we aren’t overmatched? We’ve played tough on the road in the playoffs at Denver, North Dakota, WMU, and Duluth in recent years.

    We know we can win at the Ralph. Magness and Amsoil are the only arenas that scare me – as we lack success there.

    Remember my comments about goaltending at the start of the season. How would you alter my view of conference goaltending, now? What does that mean for the playoffs?

    I think win and an overtime game with WMU. Split is likely outcome – seems to be what we have going with the Broncos recently.

    Stop with the Lukocevicius. …and say it right.

    The NCHC twitter feed made sure to point out to me how few results we have at home this year. We need to set that right. We need to energize the building. Restore Baxter Arena to the intimidating home ice it was last year.

    Winnable games this weekend.

    7:38 start for CBSSN. Dave and Shireen in town!

    Attention, cat burglars. This is the point in the podcast where Jason confirms his house will be vacant – again – this weekend. You’re welcome!

  • Friday, February 07, 2020 10:19 PM
    Reply # 8733824 on 8698712

    I think you could be critical but positive as a media person.  Both can't happen in one sentence I suppose.  I disagree in some sense on beat writers.  My disclaimer is that really the one beat writer I follow is Michael Russo for the Wild.  He doesn't work for the Minneapolis Star Tribune anymore and is now with the Athletic so maybe he has a different idea of his job, in that maybe he doesn't consider himself as much of a beat writer anymore and he has said as much to some degree in his podcast.  The Athletic in general provides more coverage of a team or topic, and probably don't consider themselves beat writers. 

    So maybe he's not a beat writer.  I rely on him to provide a thorough assessment of the team and goings on.  Regardless, I think a beat writer can be critical, but a headline should be worded better. 

    We need more discussion in these podcast posts.

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