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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S2, E11

  • Tuesday, December 24, 2019 1:16 PM
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    Merry Mavpuckmas!!

  • Tuesday, December 24, 2019 8:57 PM
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    Happy Hanukkah.

    I don't think this is scripted, but maybe has a rundown.


    Likely to see Arizona State until they find a conference. Kemp paying forward for teams who scheduled UNO in the early independent years.

    UNO had basketball Saturday afternoon, then play hockey that night.

    Bounce game. That about sums up Saturday. Didn't seem like bad bounces on the ice. Just bad bounces off Austin Roden.

    Great patience by Sullivan.

    I keep saying this: Omaha gets several first period chances every game. Once we start finishing those plays, you're going to see this team run up the standings.

    Shot selection has been a problem. Agree with Jon. One pass too many, too often. That said, Sunday... Pulkkinen made the right decision on his pass instead of shot.

    Jones falling down. Ugh. That's the kind of play that makes people throw ashtrays at televisions (true story).

    Very unimpressed with ASU. Feel like Omaha could have scored 8 in both games.

    I though the Mavs looked like they knew they would get that fifth goal on Saturday. They kept pushing. They owned Arizona State in the third period. Just couldn't find the line. But it was great to see that battle and urgency for an extended period of time.

    Matching cross-checking majors. Why not just give coincidental minors for dancing?

    Boat shoes!

    Hockey people are a higher class than football people. We dress better.

    No disqualification, no mandatory suspension. It's likely why the officials chose "cross-checking" for the call. (See previous comment.) Stupidity penalties to both players.

    Gloves off is not a requisite for a fight. Good luck selling a one-person fight. Just a smart play by Abate to skate away. Jason you're making a great point, but I would argue it the other way: eliminate 'contact to the head' penalties. Call it what it is: is it a cross-check, a high-stick, a rough, an elbow? Why back yourself into "THAT WAS CONTACT TO THE HEAD!"?

    Sunday on the Abate elbow.

    Miami 2017. Scored 11. 11-8 Final. Winnie scored one.

    I'm concerned that Saville is a 3 GA a game goalie... like Weninger, like Faulkner. But Roden right now is a 4 GM a game goalie. Is it goaltending? Or is it defense? I feel like it's the latter. When was the last time we circled the play of a defenseman on this team?

    There is a lot of dead air for you guys this week.

    Loved the shot by Weiss. His ability to snipe a hole is incredible. He needs to shoot more. He's looked afraid to shoot since his injury last year. More instinct on putting the puck on net. Find the hole, find the twine.


    Last/First minute goals. Huge. We talked about Kemp's check list last week. This was one of them.

    Great to see Keck back. Breakaways: ANYBODY BUT KECK! Which is sad because his speed creates breakaways. (He's Mendoza!)

    Are we going to explain Crazy Frank? I think Anzalone was trying to avoid a shutout in a 8-0 game when he did it.

    Jerry York at BC once talked about pulling his goalie when on a 2-man advantage to make it 3-man.

    Sundberg still impressing. Weiss showed well. But gonna shock everyone with this: Brushett. Kid is so close to breaking through. I think he hit the crossbar with a shot. Had a wicked tip one day that hit the post. It's going to happen soon. He also limited the turnovers, and was reading the play (specifically, his teammates) well.

    Weiss can move the puck. But I still think he needs to shoot more. Think: John Kemp. His skill, his ability to place the puck. I want to see him shooting more.

    Did you say something, Jason?

    A quiet four-point night, eh?

    What you are describing in Pulkkinen... that is Kemp/Gabinet hockey. It's not about flash. Play the right way. Lunch pail. Work ethic. Meat and potatoes.

    Love seeing coaches in the team celebrations. These guys get it.

    03-04 was Gabs Senior year.

    Promos... Gimmicks... ugh. I'm there for hockey. That's the entertainment. Forget theme nights.

    Are we still talking ugly sweaters?

    Derrin Hansen and his assistants OWNED IT.

    Fonts. Oh Gawd. You know my stance. ONE FONT. OMAHA FONT (supplemented by a basic font).

    Wrap it up, Jon. Bring us home. Sign off when you're done.

    We all knew Helvetica was coming.

    Jon, you've got the button to end the podcast. Jason is powerless. He's going to have to wrestle control back from you.

    the Maine event! Yes! What happened to Bridget's Charter Flight O' Fun?

    You think this podcast is going to last 6 years?

    Would be fun to be a college hockey fan in Boston.

    Very strange schedule for this series. Advantage road team. Less disruption to the routine. Also like Omaha on the quick turnaround. We have worn down opponents all season.

    Happy holidays. Ole!

  • Monday, January 27, 2020 9:32 PM
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    Mendoza that's hilarious.

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