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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S2, E8

  • Monday, November 25, 2019 9:57 AM
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  • Monday, November 25, 2019 4:38 PM
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    Jon, could you be any more disapproving of Black Friday shopping?

    Those videos are the best. Unnecessary, but something to laugh at.

    Fortunately, I only took in the late game for my niece. Looked like the girls team was slowed a little by the brunch.

    I guess Jon doesn't read my comments. I commented on the drinking segment.

    Not sorry I missed this series. I think my frustration level is lower. Though, I did watch from the road.

    Omaha seems to start quickly. Good pressure to open the games, but not sustained.

    Stupid plays up the boards? Stupid plays up the middle in our own end. We were playing with fire with passes from behind our own goal.

    Say it, Jason. It was a twizzlers call. There was no hook. If it's a penalty in the first minute of the game, it's a penalty in overtime. It wasn't a penalty. And I have a hard time selling a hook on a player with one hand on his stick.

    Wrong on the hand pass rule. No hand passes in any zone in the college game. Would've been a hand pass at all levels -- puck starts in the neutral zone.

    As for the faceoff rule -- the face off is over once any non-center touches the puck. So I'll have to look at that faceoff again. (Just looked at it: two points: 1. the linesman is off balance, and may not have seen it. 2. I think Ward gets a touch on it both before and after the center gloved it.) If Ward touched if before the center does, it's not longer part of the faceoff.

    We all need to stop picking at the refs. Honestly do not want to see UNO fans go down that rabbit hole into constantly bitching about the refs. Do what the players did with 3 minutes to go. Call went against us -- move on, keep fighting. THAT's how you overcome and conquer the scenario.

    Parents weekend can be filed with non-traditional starts. Athletes are creatures of habit. If you're off your routine, it effects your play.

    We do need to give the parents some respect, honor their commitment. So, you have to allow the intermission ceremony. As for everything else with parents weekend -- most are here every weekend -- but you also have to respect the travel plans. They still work.

    I'm not doing your dirty work. You brought it to the podcast, you should have the numbers on parents' weekend.

    The conference is wide open. Miami may have caught a break with Larkin out, Larkin is awful. The Redhawks may have been a bit inspired by having less-trusted goalies play. Omaha may have been disadvantaged by having no video or scouting report on Valentine and Kraws. Or maybe Miami will finally see that Larkin costs them more games than their backups will.

    I love the pairwise. I think D-1A (FBS) can make it work with only 110 or so teams. With basketball is gets less likely -- but they play more games, so it could still work. Somewhere someone has the time and computer to run a simulator.

    The linesmen -- who are 'local' guys -- are pissed that Omaha misses out on home ice in the playoffs. There is a belief that if they work a playoff series, they stay in the rotation for Frozen Faceoff. Not sure I believe it, but it has been said to me.

    Can't discount conference, or regular season play. You have to be above .500 to get it. You also need to avoid tough match-ups in the playoffs. Just win. Play the game in front of you.

    Buetow shout out!

    Win "the right way"?  WTF. Win. Grow stronger throughout the season. But most of all win. Winning is within our control. Don't expect help from anyone else. Put YOURSELF in the position to succeed.

    I disagree, Jason. I think the NCHC battle tests teams. The success of the conference speaks to it. OK. The end of this segment sounds more like the reality.

    We still have yet to win an NCHC tournament series.

    Good question on where to set the bar. How about: aim high, but respect the effort, take pride in the successes.

    WAIT WAIT WAIT -- we can still set this comparison right with Miami. We still go to Oxford. It's not the house of horrors that Goggin was. And I know Gabinet will have this team ready for that series, and we will have a chip on our shoulders.

    The team has a weekend off. They might have looked ahead, they might have lost focus with the parents' weekend festivities. Let's take the week off, reset, refocus, take it to Duluth.

    ...and now for the sappy portion of this podcast.

    Jason, let the winners of your seats know they can reach out to me for advice on how to annoy Jon and Bridget.

    Here we are trying to mind read other teams....

    We've been talking about discipline all year.

    I think Duluth has an advantage in goal. We know what Shepard is. I'm concerned that Saville is a 3 GA per game goalie, right now. Isaiah is consistent, but not great, right now.

    My my my how the feelings around this team have changed in the predictions.

    I think Duluth -- having their 'turkey skate' against Mankato -- comes out stronger in the Friday game at Baxter. Omaha will still have heavy legs, having only practiced.

    Deep fried turkey. Every year someone does it. Just like Black Friday fights at Walmart. Remember: landscape view on your cell phones, please!

  • Thursday, November 28, 2019 12:13 AM
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    Anonymous wrote:

    Buetow shout out!

    "Woot woot"!!

    Win "the right way"?  WTF. Win. Grow stronger throughout the season. But most of all win. Winning is within our control. Don't expect help from anyone else. Put YOURSELF in the position to succeed.

    I see people's point about winning the right way.  But come playoffs, you can only beat the team that's in front of you.  It's not our fault Mankato blew it.  RIT beat them, which only goes to show they could have beat us too, not that they needed to beat Mankato to prove that.  They could beat us regardless.  But we beat them, earned our FF bid, banner hung.  While you might feel better knowing you beat all the best teams winning a title or whatever, you can't control it.  

    Speaking of winning the right way, I had to try to recall what the story was and I figured it out.  If St. Louis had swept Boston in last year's Stanley Cup, I think it would have been the first time that......and I'm going to word this wrong so I'll just explain it.  The Islanders had swept Pittsburgh and then got swept by Carolina.  Carolina after having swept NYI, then got swept by Boston.  Having swept Carolina, had Boston gotten swept by STL, it would been the first time......it's almost midnight and I'm tired but you get it.  Winning the right way haha??

    I think Duluth -- having their 'turkey skate' against Mankato -- comes out stronger in the Friday game at Baxter. Omaha will still have heavy legs, having only practiced.

    Tough podcast to discuss a whole lot.  On the other hand, a very deep and interesting discussion/debate.  I try not to get mixed up in the intangibles.  You'll talk yourself to death trying to decide if Duluth is going to come in pissed or happy and what that's going to do to their play.  Regardless of what happens with Mankato, Duluth is going to come here wanting to win.  I get it though, teams are happy they swept and feel like they're playing good so yeah, maybe they're a bit lax in their attitude and we can catch them at a good time.  But then if Duluth sweeps us, we'll all just play it off that they're now playing better hockey than it seemed they were earlier in the year.  And if we sweep them, we'll choose to think we caught them at a good time.  A matter of convenience.  

    Parlays somewhat into the other aspect of your discussion on obstacles or distractions.  The college game is a bit more regular, regular in the sense that teams always play Friday-Saturday, so typically it's harder to blame being tired or rusty.  It's easier to think of those things when it comes to the NHL where a team might be off for five days and is playing against a team pulling a back to back.  The intangibles happen to every team and over the course of a season, I like to think that each team deals with similar distractions, whether it's off weeks or days off or back to backs or playing against a backup goalie or parent's weekend.

    I do remember one shitty one.  Minnesota had to play in Calgary so started at 9 CST and got started late due to Iginla's jersey retirement.  They then had to travel home and play an early 6:30 game because it was on NBCSN.  The NHL typically has a 24 hour mandate....the Wild got screwed there.  The Wild lost a 5 game winning streak in a SO loss to Nashville just as it was battling for a playoff spot.  But shit happens, you gotta deal with it.  

    Another thing to consider with Duluth.....in the NHL when teams have their mandated week off or whatever, their records when they come back are complete shit.  Don't know numbers but pay attention in January and February, the announcers will point it out, some team is coming off their off week and the other is not, most often times, the team coming off their week off will lose.

    The fact that the college game is a bit more regular, I can buy the idea of routine.  But these players just came from leagues that weren't so regular in their scheduling.  I just think you need to find ways of overcoming such obstacles.  Even college or junior players are borderline professional, at least in the sense that hockey dominates their life, although I know college guys have classes too but still, figure it out.

    Also enjoyed Gwozdecky's quote from Jason.  A bit political though, I mean I wouldn't think for a second that Gwoz doesn't care about a conference championship, but that's probably not entirely what he meant.  I just want to see Omaha play decent hockey.  They're capable and I like where Gabinet is going.  I want to see them be competitive.  I think if you're competitive, conference or national championships will come and yes, I'd rather they be more perennial contenders, I mean who wouldn't.  But if I can see some wins, great.  There comes a point though, I mean win a freakin playoff series for god's sakes.

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  • Thursday, November 28, 2019 8:06 AM
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    I’m with you Ryan, competitive. A winning record, even marginally. Show up every weekend, even if you lose. Make ‘them’ earn it. Every night. No blow outs, no ‘would you guys wake ups!’. Just before last season started I got to talk with Gabinet about what everyone knew was going to be a tough year. That’s exactly what I shared as an opinion and he agreed. I really like the guy and know that he is working hard to take us in that direction. I am NOT a ‘need it now’ fan. But what we all need is good feelings inside as we walk out of Baxter after a game...

  • Thursday, November 28, 2019 9:43 AM
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    Saturday was the first time this season the Mavericks 'did not show up'. We have done a great job of showing up all season -- and good things happen when you show up.

    Maybe the mantra this season is: "first we show up, then we see what happens."

  • Thursday, November 28, 2019 1:01 PM
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    You are correct Chris, that conversation took place a year ago. I was just communicating my hopes and expectations. Friday was shaky, but they dug in. You have to give Miami credit. They came in looking to lock it down in center ice and take away the Mavs game and they did. Brushett hits that corner just into overtime and the weekend end up different I think. Saturday the team looked disheartened.

  • Saturday, November 30, 2019 11:25 AM
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    Miami had a 3-1 lead at UConn last night after the 1st period, then went on to lose 6-4. 

    UMD hosted MSU-Mankato and lost 4-1 in the Friday tilt. 

    So yeah... I have no idea what’ll happen when the Bulldogs roll into town next week. 
  • Sunday, December 01, 2019 9:15 AM
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    1. We need to be Mountain Dewed off about the Miami (OF OHIO) results.

    2. We need to smell blood in the water against Duluth.

    It feels like we get off to strong starts, but don't net many early goals. If we can capitalize on those early chances, the storyline of this season will trend positive.

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