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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S2, E7

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  • Wednesday, November 20, 2019 11:08 AM
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    Anonymous wrote:

    I can honestly say I never saw someone post (in like 40,000 posts over 20 years) the term apple to refer to an assist on the old message board. 

    Shall we consult the wayback machine?

    I can excuse apple and a few other slangs. Not that big a deal.
  • Friday, November 22, 2019 11:21 AM
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    Anonymous wrote:

    Lesson from Conley: Like Nogard, put yourself in a position to succeed. Skill will only get you so far. Sense completes it.

    I agree with this.  Skill gets me nowhere unfortunately.  I have to rely entirely on sense, and I'm sure it's arguable how much sense I even have.

    Seriously, Jon? How have you never heard it? It's been around. I don't understand it, either. But it's been a thing.

    Apples is one I don't really get either, and to the point that frankly it kind of annoys me.  I never heard it growing up.  Only seem to recall hearing of it in the past couple of years so I believe it's been trending on twitter over that time.  Jon also mentioned liking honeycrisp.  There's a new apple coming out Jon called cosmo crisp, which is supposed to be just awesome.  So if somebody makes an awesome assist, do we say Check out that pass, honeycrisp style!  And if it's a twizzlersty and lucky assist, we then nickname that player Granny.  I wouldn't I watch a ton of hockey on tv, usually just the Wild games.  I can't think of one instance where I heard an announcer call it an apple.

    I would like a couple slang explanations -- mostly by broadcasters: half boards...  ...and then there are terms people use to dumb down the game: house (it's the slot), puck drop (it's FACEOFF!).

    I remember your beef with half boards.  Personally I like that one.  It is the slot though, you're right there.  Never heard the house.

    Snipe has more to do with shot placement.

    Yeah, not distance.  I snipe Boehmer from "the paint" all the time.  Who calls it the paint, never heard that and hope I never do.  The announcer that calls it the paint will be permanently muted.

    Three assists is known as a 'playmaker'. USA Hockey used to give awards for playmakers, just like hat tricks.

    OMG you're frickin right!  I totally forgot about that!!  Holy twizzlers, blast to my youth past!  I was listening to the podcast thinking WTH, a playmaker, never heard of that.  But you're right, remember those tiny little patches you could get that said Hat trick or Playmaker?  Aww man, memory lane.  

    My brother and I added to hockey slang back in the day.  I was in peewee house league so by all means, I'm NOT bragging in any sense, but I did score 7 goals one game, so to double up on hat trick, 6 goals meant you got the dump truck.

    Jon, we get it. You're up past your bedtime. Have a Sprite.

    HAHA.  Ope, sorry, "HAHA".

    Miami lacks the firepower. They lack goaltending. Get to Larkin early. Pound away with shots. There is no such thing as a bad shot against Larking and Miami (OF OHIO).

    Snipe lots of shots from the house or the paint right after puck drop.

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  • Sunday, November 24, 2019 5:11 PM
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    Anonymous wrote:

    Snipe has more to do with shot placement.

    Yeah, not distance.  I snipe Boehmer from "the paint" all the time. 

    Buetow also gets 'sniped' in front of the net: falls like he's been shot/picked off by a sniper.

    Not sure what that's all about.

  • Wednesday, November 27, 2019 1:49 AM
    Reply # 8141449 on 8127429

    I have no idea what you're referring to Boehmer.  If I fall it's due to a tough physical brand of hockey I bring haha!

    Jon, congrats on 20 years!  I do lament the days of going home after a game and enjoying some lively discussion that very night. 

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