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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S2, E3

  • Monday, October 21, 2019 9:08 AM
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    The UNO Hockey team faced its first road test of the season. Jason and I discuss the road tilt at Ohio State, our experience streaming the series (along with other thoughts on the state of hockey streaming), and our predictions for the next series at Alaska-Anchorage.

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  • Monday, October 21, 2019 1:31 PM
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    welcome to the Mavpuckcast Jona!

  • Monday, October 21, 2019 4:35 PM
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    I fixed it! ;-)

  • Monday, October 21, 2019 5:16 PM
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    10:00 games... please, in real hockey towns that's SUPER-early for men's league. Spoiled.

    Lucky to win Saturday. I'd say Saville is the hero, but it was team effort to kill the penalties.

    Laczynski is still trying to figure out how he didn't score on Saturday.

    I think after our penalty killing prowess, officials should stop calling penalties on us -- they're not going to score. So don't bother. ;)

    Referee misapplied the kneeing rule. That's not the intent of the rule. It was not a knee. It's incidental contact of the knees.

    Game misconduct penalties: anything worth doing is worth doing well.

    Jason, did you see the Jones hit? I'm still looking for video of it. BTN+ was down for that one.

    Thank you for not going with the Dave O'Meara/MCHL gloves on, one punch fight rule.

    Teams are always going to try to get into a goaltender's grill. Saville seems to be mentally tougher than Winnie and Tomek were last year.

    Dulutg better get it together, if they want to make the tournament.

    We might be a Joey Abate - Tristan Keck shorthanded breakaway goal away from talking about a sweep. That was a golden chance. Also a Saville save on Luczynski away from getting swept.

    What is Jon drinking? I want to share what I'm drinking with you.

    A little shocked we didn't see Roden on Saturday. Saville was great. Nice call by Gabs. Still think Saville is the #1. But Roden will see a few games - especially if it becomes apparent Saville might spend the holidays in the Czech Republic.

    Brushett had a better weekend. But he's still mistake prone. Feels like another Weiss - maybe too selfish on the rush. There are times he tries to carry the puck too much, trying to force a play that isn't there. He needs to see the pass. Also, I know he got an assist on the game-winner, but the reality was it was a poor pass saved by Stewart.

    Abate is a surprise. I think we all scratched our heads when he was the #1 center in the exhibition. But I don't think anyone was talking about him in the offseason.

    Tyler Ward from Denver?  Yeah, can we move on from Friday's broadcast?

    Nebraska has a D-3 club (it might be D-2, now -- it changes every other year). They've got some momentum in terms of success, but they're still a long way off.

    Denver might just run the table. They look like a juggernaut. Chrona is going to be tough to beat on any night.

    Debating on the Anchorage series -- because I'm not sure if I'm staying up for Thursday night's game. Likely just to listen to Donny and Terry as I fall asleep that night.

    There is a news section???

    Go on, Jason... Jon, you have no one to blame but yourself. Pay twice, now.

    Altitude is still off the air, but ATTRM is on for CC games.

    Less basketball, less rodeo, more hockey for CBSSN!

    Random thought... what if Notre Dame joins the NCHC? Would the NCHC consider moving to NBCSN?

    We covered this rights area thing last week. Move on.

    Are you guys still talking? I've totally toned you out.

    That should be a sign. We don't care.

    Yes, he's from Anchorage. I really wish I could chime in live on your guys.

    Did Jon just say 'hell'?

    Must win. Must sweep at Anchorage. Don't do what CC did last year.

    Do it, Jason. Just do it. Oh, gosh... Doubting Thomas. Have faith. Embrace the #nonyikes!

    Coach Gabinet always wants to win. The Mavericks should always do what Gabby wants.

    Anchorage gave Maine a game Saturday. Was that the same situation that CC faced last year? Was it what Maine did with us back in 1998?

    Have you done this podcast when we were winning?

    Is that process, or PROSCESS?

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