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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - Episode 23

  • Tuesday, June 18, 2019 10:39 AM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Guess who’s back. Back again...

    This special summer episode of the “Mavpuckcast” focuses on UNO Hockey’s attendance ranking, ticket news/rumors, and what Mavs we might see in the upcoming 2019 NHL draft in Vancouver. 

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  • Friday, June 21, 2019 9:50 AM
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    Still debating if we missed you. ;)

    No Stanley Cup in the Brooks house? SHAME!

    Go to St. Louis for your Stanley Cup swag.

    2 and a half minutes, and we don't know what Jon is drinking. ...OK. Didn't miss this. Wait... Jon take Jason's man card for a beer with cucumber in it -- why not kale?

    Do you guys not have notes in front of you for this?

    Minnesota did have an IHL team in the absence of the NHL.

    Really, we need to set this up like facebook live.

    There is a lull here where I thought I was listening to NPR.

    Why not have an option for paper tickets, or digital tickets? There are some older people who prefer the old methods.

    Why does Omaha insist on the clear bag policy. There are major sports teams that are less restrictive than Baxter Arena.

    You can do an entire podcast on the evils of TicketMaster. They're horrible. Teams and facilities need to stop outsourcing to TicketMaster.

    Anchorage would pick before us. ...and Miami.

    Did Jon just say 'damn'?

    Zab as a potential Mike Taffe (or Blankenburg)?

    Do we think the bottom half of the roster gets cleaned out this off/preseason?

    Never been a fan of splitting goaltending duties in college -- look at successful team recently, like Duluth. Find a horse and ride it.

    If Tomek was still around -- he and Saville definitely would have split time early. I see no reason why not to see who you have? -- think Aarnio, Barrett, Kaufmann.

    Questions about scoring. Omaha needs to stop relying on the power play. The majority of the game is played at 5-on-5.

    Weiss needs to stay healthy. I think he never recovered from the early injury. Kothenbuetel is an energy guy who needs to be in the lineup every night - an Andrew Shaw/Darren Helm type.

    Jon and Bridget need to keep coming to the X -- team or no team.

  • Sunday, June 23, 2019 2:59 AM
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    Damn Boehmer, harsh man.  Give'em credit, something to listen to anyway, not sure I could run a show.  Maybe some more guest appearances though, fresh voices or perspectives.

    I don't jive with the idea of missing hockey, or immediately jumping to preseason.  I think time away is what makes me love it more.  As I tell people, I'm sad hockey is ending but then golf starts.  And then I'm sad I can't play golf anymore, but then hockey starts.

    Goose Island....great beers.  But yeah, cucumber?  To each their own with beers though.

    Competition for attendance.....I appreciate the sentiment but I don't think other UNO sports are what competes for hockey fans' dollars.  In Omaha, it's other activities.  The people that go to UNO games in Omaha typically aren't the rabid hockey fans, so they'll be quicker to find something else.  Like movies or bowling or family time.  I'd consider myself a rabid hockey fan but even I find competition for my time, mostly due to family.  Or work.  And sometimes people just get pissed.  I think that's partly what happened with Minnesota.  See it happening with Wild fans too....after you see the new GM trade Nino for Victor Rask.  Or Granlund for Fiala.  Don't get me started.

    90% renewal rate....it would be interesting to know what typical renewal rates are for other teams, college or otherwise.  You would never float all the way down to 10% because presumably you'd be garnering new ticket holders.

    Tickets.....I don't think a department can take the time to give everybody an option of what they want, they gotta pick one and everybody gets cards or paper.  Not even going to talk about the clear bags, I just don't understand it.

    Damn......Not only did Jon say damn, but he freakin quoted Eminem too!  WHAT'S THIS WORLD COMING TO?!?!

    Goalies....Not sure how I feel about rotating.  I like riding somebody but gotta keep them fresh too.  As much as I like hockey, I'm not very analytical, but I did recognize with this portion of the podcast however, as the Wild have two goalies who probably couldn't be more different in Dubnyk and Alex Stalock.  It was interesting to see how a certain type of goalie can affect the play of the team.  Stalock plays the puck better than the defenseman does and Dubnyk is a terd with the puck, and analysts would comment how it'd affect how the d-men needed to play.

    5x5.....I got frustrated at the idea that at times last year that I figured we wouldn't win a game unless we got enough PP time.  Agree with Chris here.

  • Monday, June 24, 2019 12:26 PM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Some good points from Chris and Ryan...

    A couple of days ago I mentioned to Bridge that I wondered if they’d ever go strictly “digital” for season tickets — and allow fans to get printed tickets for an extra fee. 

    I don’t love the idea, but it is possible we could see that at some point down the road. They might give fans the option of ticket type each year. 


    I think we need to have guests on the podcasts. One of my favorite episodes was when we had Connor on last season. 

    The reason I liked it is 1.) I didn’t have to do as much talking, and 2.) I didn’t have to do as much talking. ;-)

    In all seriousness, it was nice to have Connor on because we could bounce around more and hear a different perspective.

    And, I also didn’t have to do as much talking...


    On our hypothetical college draft... I did say “if the NCHC had a draft” we would pick second. :-)

    As Chris pointed out, if it was the NCAA, we’d pick a bit later. 


    On pro hockey...

    I am the worst person to talk about professional hockey because I don’t follow it (other than very casually.) I typically watch the Stanley Cup — and will watch a few games in season — but when it comes to hockey, I focus strictly on the college game. 

    So, I’m not to best counterpoint/fact checker on pro hockey history as we record. ;-)


    On the idea of a live video of the podcast...

    I like the idea of FB live and/or live streaming on YouTube. It would allow people the opportunity to ask questions and toss in their opinions. 


    We don’t need the clear bag policy. I think most of us are in agreement on that. Let women bring in an actual purse and parents bring in diaper bags. 

    If you need to so extra screening, do that. If you need to find a donor so you can install metal detectors, do that. 


    I like the idea of splitting goaltenders. I’m not suggesting it needs to be a strict policy on the part of the coaching staff.


    I agree that scoring could be the central issue for the team this season. Very little production from any line other than the top line created problems for UNO last season.

    It’s really yet-to-be-determined whether the incoming recruits will provide a spark in that department — both in even strength situations and on special teams. 

  • Wednesday, June 26, 2019 8:41 AM
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    it's 2019, we should be able to select a method of ticketing. I loved the card, in my wallet and good to go. No "did you get the tickets"? For the podcast, how about engaging coaches, players, etc. for an in depth...

    1. where you from? (no, not just the town!)
    2. how did you get here?
    3. what are your aspirations?
    4. Tell us about your family...
    5. If you could change one thing...

    I think that this would help engage fans in the players and administration as opposed to talking about the last game and next game...

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