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  • Tuesday, October 17, 2023 6:44 PM
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    The third episode of the 2023-24 season... 

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  • Tuesday, October 17, 2023 10:16 PM
    Reply # 13268632 on 13268569

    Why am I here, again? Oh, yeah… the whole Tony Reali on PTI thing.

    I need to get back to Lawlor’s. Christmas is coming.

    Yeah… how did we get Niagara at home two years in a row?

    Everyone thinks Niagara scuttled Omaha, last year, by sweeping the Mavs. This year, they’re going to scuttle is by being second or third from the bottom in the Pairwise.

    Tanner’s goal – shades of Taylor Ward. Hockey IQ says just put the puck on frame. Good things happen.

    Urdahl is a beast. Looks like a physical presence. If he’s going to score, too – that’s the Marian Hossa type player I like to see.

    From your view, Latkoczy was not off his angle. But when I first saw the replay (from the opposite side of the rink) it looked like Simon was too aggressive, and off the angle.

    Mancini… my goodness. Love his play. I’ve been saying for two years that he shows up unexpectedly in the offense. Eventually, he’s going to be rewarded with a goal. Once he starts scoring – the NHL will come calling. The goal by Vidoli: both defencemen leading the rush? I’d expect that from Lemay and Guevin. But if Mancini and Vidoli are going to do that… LOOK OUT, NCHC. Manicini is going to get that goal this year. But, I’ve been waiting two-plus seasons for that, already.

    Still trying to figure out how Fust deflected that in.

    Sully’s goal… he had an A-Grade chance the shift before – wide open on the weak side, for a partial breakaway. Didn’t finish. He got a second chance off a bad bounce.

    I don’t think Omaha will have a 20-goal scorer. But having 6 or 7 score 10 goals is possible.

    JO… … …aquim Lemay got a lot of help from Niagara on both of his goals.

    The hit on Abgrall. Unnecessary. Deserved the major. The refs had tried to let Niagara get away with a lot. You could tell Niagara were frustrated by the scoreline. Rollwagen should have been DQ’d for the fight – wish referees were not afraid to go there in the rulebook. But they almost always err on the side of caution. It’s bad officiating.

    Eisele got caught napping on his goal against.

    Was the difference Saturday an adjustment by the Purple Eagles? Was it a lack of “bus legs” by Niagara? Was it Omaha expecting the same time and space from their opponents?

    CAN WE PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW NIAGARA COST US A BID, LAST YEAR? It wasn’t JUST that. Stop pointing to a single occurrence.

    Let’s talk about that 8-spot. Looking at the Pairwise, Omaha are 45 – despite the sweep. It’s basically all on the RPI. Do the ratings see our opponent lost by seven goals, and essentially bury Niagara as a “bad team…” which then makes the 2-1 game the next night look “weak” for Omaha?

    POTW: Victor Mancini. He was a force offensively. He’s always been solid defensively – when officials don’t penalize his size.

    I like what Urdahl has brought, so far.

    I think I mentioned elsewhere (can’t remember where)… that Omaha seems to keep up on guys they recruited pre-college, and win the secondary market on those guys. Randl was one. Urdahl and Ellis are others. It’s almost like we lose out on the initial pitch – where other schools probably promote their history, legacay, and other aspects Omaha lacks. But once those player get on campus, they see through the lies, leave, and come back to the integrity Omaha offers them via the coaching staff.

    Wrestling… ugh… couldn’t we have done this at a soccer game? [insert wink] Mike Denney deserves nothing from Omaha. He was a malcontent. He circumvented the One Fund. He dug his own hole out of Omaha. Happy the wrestlers got a chance to celebrate their last championship – which Omaha World Herald deprived them of. But… Jason is right: salt in the wound, a middle finger to Trev, and not anything I was interested in.

    Technological woes at UNO. The heck, you say! We are awful at ANYTHING involving technology.

    Omaha need to realize that much of their fan base is older – not tech-savvy. Allow them to print tickets, or offer physical tickets. My parents don’t like the techy-ness. Personally, I don’t like relying on my phone for basic things. I tolerate it because I know how to do it, but I’m still old school.

    Oooh… a Ticketmaster rant coming! Jerks. Ticketmaster need to go away. They’re nothing more than a monopolized scam. Same with Learfield/SideArm.

    Be that guy, Jon.

    THE… Ohio State. Welcome back, Coach Rohlik!

    Yeah… Thanks, Boosters! [/sarcasm]

    Goaltending is down for tOSU, Jason. Dobes went pro. Not sure I know anything about whomever replaced him.

    Don’t you guys base your predictions on the name? By that logic: tOSU sweeps… and a split is a positive result for us.

    OK… Jason has just run the gamut on possible results.

    “Omaha Split?” That doesn’t seem like accurate verbiage. Wouldn’t just be “A Split?”

    Until next time… oh, yeah… we get a week off from you two.

    Go Bye Week!

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