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  • Tuesday, October 10, 2023 12:26 PM
    Message # 13265332
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The second episode of the 2023-24 season... 

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  • Thursday, October 12, 2023 4:28 PM
    Reply # 13266655 on 13265332

    And 3, 2, 1…

    Yes, mention the sponsor every 5 seconds.

    Show the merchandise!

    “New” jerseys… not really new.

    Where is the offense going to come from? Did we answer this question?

    …and we are already complaining about officiating DURING AN EXHIBITION.

    Shoot the puck!

    Stalwart? It wasn’t until late in the season that Latkoczy took over. It was Kucharski’s net most of last season.

    Stature is why I think Latkoczy stays three or four years. I don’t think NHL comes calling on a 6’-0” goalie.

    Difference between a goalie in hockey, and a QB in football: in football you want your backup QB to have a similar style to your starter. In hockey, having two different style, or different hands, can be advantageous. It changes the look for your opponent’s attack – makes them think a bit more.

    What a weak goal that was. We will take it. But I think I could have stopped it.

    That was a rather… lackluster… trophy presentation… in Mankato.

    Do we think we’ve abandoned the exhibitions against Manitoba/Canadians in favor of Mankato?

    POTW: anybody who played goalie. (Yeah, I’m biased.)

    You sound disappointed… in Mankato.

    Didn’t Omaha briefly try that club level? I know I’ve seen it in places like Des Moines. I’m guessing there isn’t a ‘club level’ at Mankato, otherwise.

    Those ads have been around for a while – most places have them at the very bottom of the glass. I’ve seen then in USHL rinks, just not that high up.

    Las Vegas… meh. Just wear silver there.

    Jason thinks UNO is doing an alumni event. Optimistic.

    Ha… I can see Bridget trying to set up a trip to Las Vegas – with her scruples??? No chance, and I don’t blame her.

    Jon, you sound like you’re planning on going.

    Are we still hanging not making the Tournament on ONE WEEKEND? Great storyline, but one weakend does not make a season. Also: It’s over. Go home.

    We’ve put up 10 on Niagara before. Did Brandon Scero have 4 or 5 in that game?

    NU had question marks in goal this time, last year, too.

    It’s OK to cry, Jason. Embrace your inner Shoresy.

    Not having a ‘circle’ is Gabinet’s style. Don’t allow your opponent to focus on one player or one line. Depth is the key.

    [Twizzlers]… both predicting an Omaha sweep. We’re screwed.

    Game On!

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