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Mavericks (Red) @ Mavericks (Purple)

  • Sunday, October 08, 2023 11:27 AM
    Message # 13264577

    Didn't get to see anything besides highlights on Twitter (never to be known as 'X'). Didn't feel like paying ticket prices for one game on the tele. So I will yield to those in attendance for looks and feels.

    (I know, that means -- sigh -- Jason and Jon.)

    But a few things stood out from what I have heard, what I could see, and I what is on paper:

    • Omaha are get in goal. Looks and sounds like Latkoczy and Eisele were under siege much of the evening, and held strong.

    My question here is: Were the defense limiting those chances to low-grade, or were the goalies continually standing on their heads?

    • Mankato held a decided shot advantage (see, previous comment).

    Was the game played in Omaha's end? Were Mankato just funneling pucks to the frame? Were Omaha getting O-Zone time, just not pulling the trigger?

    • Nolan Sullivan was better than 50% at the dot. Cam Mitchell was... ... ...not. But, Tanner Ludtke -- whom I thought would play a wing -- was even (6-6) on faceoffs. 

    Does this potentially make the freshman the #1 center? Or is it Mueller? Two scoring centers who can win faceoffs would allow Gabinet to deploy Sullivan more strategically.

    • Anybody else think that even I could have saved Miller's goal?
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