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Podcast — S5, E20: “Mavs Cursed?, Things You Missed at Baxter Arena, Stay or Go?”

  • Thursday, March 16, 2023 6:56 PM
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    The twentieth episode of the 2022-23 season... 

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  • Friday, March 17, 2023 10:26 AM
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    Another Jason episode? Can’t we develop other characters on this show?

    Planned? What did you expect to happen in the playoffs? Where have you been the past 10 year?

    Yeah… I have some ideas why the hockey gods hate us.

    Frozen Faceoff prediction: Omaha won’t win. Someone in green will puke.

    Latkoczy was great… until he fell over.

    It was a spear. Kid sitting next to me saw it right away. As soon as he told me, I knew Miller was done.

    Guevin. Oui! He has grown immensely, this season.

    Guys trying to do too much: Weiss.

    I’m so torn on Pennington. Feels like high-risk, high-reward type of player. There are a lot of gaffes. But then he makes some good offensive plays.

    Bohlsen shows up, but not on the game sheet. Still say: sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    Lemay… he started out great. Wow can he move and carry the puck. Excited for him and Guevin to be here for at least two more years.

    Game Two: first goal wins.

    Omaha had everything going for them after the two-man kill, and Glynn’s immediate score.

    One terrible call: the Slipec penalty. Weiss’ was legit. No way they could let that go.

    We need to get over this narrative. There is no conspiracy. The officials made a soft first call, and that set the tone for the rest of the game. They were consistent at being bad for a deciding game.

    Someone (Tychonick) missed the call for the line change. Turnover at the blue line.

    The Ghost of Roger Dixon haunting Omaha.

    Mavericks were playing with house money just about all season. There was zero expectation coming into the season. To get home ice was unexpected. To even compete for the Penrose or Frozen Faceoff was shocking.

    We should be happy. We should never be satisfied. It’s ok to want to be better. But be realistic about it. Balance and perspective. It’s the same for looking at ‘small’ opponents. Perspective. Casey Roehl got fired for not keeping the proper mindset about opponents. It’s not about the name.

    Latkoczy. He was phenominal for 175 minutes.

    OK, Jon. Settle down on the graphics.

    The kick-off for Bremer… in year three. A little late.

    I do think Latkoczy gutted his was through the weekend after the 11-minute mark of the third on Friday.

    Latkoczy needs to take a step forward next season. Can’t become Evan Weninger.

    Things Jon and Bridget missed all season at Baxter Arena.  Does anybody miss the Mariachi Days of the Pep Band?

    Jon’s broken seat: no comment.

    Wait, I got one: stick to breaking ovens.

    Your efforts for an Academy Award have failed.

    Your efforts for an NCHC Award have failed.


    Nope. Coach from WMU says we returned ALL OF OUR SCORING from last year.

    Kucharski: gone. I suspect it was assumed Jake had 2 years. But once he lost the #1 job….

    Jason: gone. In fact, I demand Bridget block him from Mavpuck on Twitter.

    Tychonick may have resurrected his career. Weiss… I think he’s undersized, and will land in a lower level.

    Rumor is Randl, Sullivan, and Proctor are all returning. Of the three, only Sullivan possesses a skill that an AHL team can use: faceoffs. Proctor might get a look. I don’t see Randl having much of a chance outside of Europe.

    Berg still needs more time to ‘marinate.’

    Don’t you have a time limit on these podcasts, anymore?

    Zab is done. No purpose to hold on to a player who isn’t going to play.

    What about Robbins? Is he coming back from Muskegeon?

    Bohlsen is on this watch list every year.

    Mueller might get a look somewhere. But I think one more year.

    Go Tigers?

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