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Podcast — S5, E19: “Turnovers, Movie Theater Hockey, Ticket Update, NCHC Playoff Predictions”

  • Monday, March 06, 2023 11:39 AM
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    The nineteenth episode of the 2022-23 season... 

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  • Tuesday, March 07, 2023 9:41 AM
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    Wow… canned applause?

    Blink, Jon.

    Who didn’t see this coming? Only thing to play for was avoiding UND in the First Round. We failed. But not a bad series.

    Feels like there is parity throughout the conference. Denver isn’t out of reach. Really, only Miami is out of touch with everyone else. That came up with the twitter discussion of ‘who do you want to face in the playoffs.’ There isn’t an ideal matchup.

    There is no quit in this team. Great to see the perseverance. We saw it early against Niagara. We saw it at Lake Superior. Against those teams we can overcome the deficit. Not so much in the conference.

    The shift after scoring always seems to be a bugaboo for Omaha.

    I think I made my thoughts on the game-winning goal clear on twitter. It was a compounded mistake(s).

    Jason talking about one mistake, one miscue. These are the things I talk about when people turn on the officials. Is it one call that dictates a game? Or is it a team putting themselves in a position where one call, one bounce, one stumble makes the difference? Until the team cleans up the mistakes, we can’t blame anyone but ourselves. Accountability.

    Not goaltender interference. It was Tychonick who made contact with Kucharski. I don’t think Schmaltz put Tychonick into the goaltender.

    Schmaltz’ stick had no influence on the play, Kucharski fell the opposite way than you’d expect from where the contact was.

    YES! More cameras, better angles at Baxter. MidCo Sports does a great job in presentation. Would love to see them branch out and help the conference grow – if CBS Sports won’t expand their coverage.

    It has been a good season. Exceeded expectations. Playing with house money.

    Slipec has been really good recently. Like this pick from Jason. Matt Miller has found a scoring touch. I still love how Mancini is playing a 200-foot game – he’s just squeezing the sawdust out of his stick to find his first career goal. Bohlsen is finding a role with this team. It’s not a scoring role.

    Ugh… the Bohlsen “penalty.” Another thing I’ve addressed on twitter. Jason’s right, the result of the hit looked worse than it was. It is only a penalty in the IIHF – where they don’t like hard contact. I think rescinding the penalty opens a can of worms. The proper call to save face would have been charging. You can claim Bohlsen traveled a great distance, or even say it appeared that Bohlsen left his feet. Still wrong, but an acceptable explanation.

    Are we in Spring Break? Will there be students around?

    Not only do NoDak fans travel, they have a lot of alumni in Omaha – and I think that helps drive up their numbers.

    Sad to think we haven’t won a playoff series since CCHA First Rounds.

    We can be heroes and villains at the same time. Heros to the fans of the NCHC – keeping the F’n Hawks from St. Paul. Villains to the conference by keeping the F’n Hawks from St. Paul.

    If Mbereko is healthy, the WMU-CC Series will be a good one to watch. Cloud and Duluth with the rivalry will be fun, too.

    Omaha and North Dakota is going to be a high-intensity series. Familiarity breeds contempt. It is going to get ugly on a discipline level. Knowing Omaha has NEVER swept North Dakota, I don’t have a good feeling about the result. I’m not even sure Omaha can force a Game Three.

    An interesting thought from Jon. Kucharski has played well against North Dakota all season – think Persson versus us, or Kucharski against Duluth. Mental game.

    Is Mueller healthy? Or is he “playoff healthy?” Is this going to be like Scott Parse’s final games, where he gutted through a shoulder injury – but was just a presence to draw attention, but not a factor.

    The power play won’t be fixed until next year. Our threats on the power play are from the perimeter: Tychonick, Weiss, Mueller… the same as it has been since Gabinet came in as an assistant. Omaha needs a dynamic player or two – like Ward was.

    Just go to St. Paul. Jon and Bridget can attest it is fun, even without the Mavericks.

    Let’s go UNO.

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