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Podcast — S5, E17: “Home Ice, Remembering Paul Jerrard, Playoff Tickets, St. Cloud Preview”

  • Monday, February 20, 2023 6:38 PM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The seventeenth episode of the 2022-23 season... 

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  • Tuesday, February 21, 2023 2:26 PM
    Reply # 13106093 on 13105020

    Hi Jon. I’m ignoring Jason. Ok… hi, Jason.

    Space Force – not a real military branch. Fold it back in to the Air Force.

    I won a sweater, too!

    Every series in the NCHC is a ‘key’ series.

    Yeah, WTF happened to Miami? It was supposed to be Western as the perennial cellar-dweller. (We’re probably fortunate it’s not us.)

    ANYBODY BUT KECK! Wait… a defenseman on a breakaway?

    Can we fix the lighting on Jason?

    We should stop with predictions. Stop looking ahead. Stop looking at the standings. On any given day…

    Great deflection by Miller.

    Barbolini had a nice redirect, as well.

    It’s only a ‘State Farm’ goal, if it’s scored by a guy named Jake.

    Oh, Gawd… are we going to rant about officials, AGAIN? Officials are not making predetermined calls. And they don’t referee the scoreboard – unless it’s a blowout.

    Bad idea to play Kucharski. It’s going to cost us a position in the standings (potentially). But when Ahlers and Leahy said it was because of the ‘short’ turnaround. Saturday’s game time was two hours earlier than Friday’s. Let’s open up a discussion on uniform start times.

    I think Pivonka’s goal was a bad one for Persson. That was a long/wide pass. Persson had a clear view, should’ve made the save.

    Sully and the wraparound. You don’t see that play often, anymore.

    Omaha controlled their destiny. They started Kucharski. It cost them.

    Yes, don’t lose sight of Mueller’s play to turn the defender and beat Persson. Randl gets the credit for Mueller’s effort.

    We should be more complimentary of other teams, players. Build the good karma. Please the hockey gods.

    That was an impressive tweet, Jon (or Bridget… but I’m guessing Jon – with his sense of humor.)

    Home ice. Remind me: how has this worked out for us before?

    No. No! NO! Do not call a shot on an opponent. The hockey gods are listening.

    Do not want North Dakota. Too much potential for a green invasion.

    Mueller had a strong week. Miller was a factor all weekend. Tychonick got DPOTW honors.

    PJ… so much we didn’t know about him, his influence. He quietly went about his business. Interesting to think how we likely wouldn’t have known or noticed his impact – or at least felt it directly… had it not been for Mannino leaving. So much respect for Paul, what he has meant to players, coaches, and the game worldwide.

    Just going through the tributes, and everything in the wake of Jerrard’s passing, one quote stood out from the coach in 2020: “My hope is that they will take what they have learned and become better humans once they leave our program.”

    Bigger than any result on the ice. Bigger than hanging any banners. I care more about the type of men this program churns out. We could have all the success in the world, win multiple championships… but if the cost is that our players are jerks, don’t respect people or the community… it’s not worth it. So, I’m over the moon to have found that quote, and to see it coming from our coaching staff.

    No refunds!

    Right… don’t want the green rolling in here.

    Challenges with any potential first round matchup.

    St. Cloud… who are they, right now? Couldn’t put away Miami. (But neither could we.) Couldn’t put away North Dakota on Friday, and then got dominated on Saturday. I was not high on them to start the season. (I wasn’t high on Omaha, either.) But the Huskies can score, and they’ve limited prime scoring chances against.

    Again… no prediction from me.

    GO MAVS!

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