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Podcast — S5, E8: “'UNO Doesn’t Like Us,' Teddy Bear Toss?, Special Jerseys, O Pioneers!”

  • Tuesday, November 15, 2022 7:41 AM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The eighth episode of the 2022-23 season... 

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  • Tuesday, November 15, 2022 5:20 PM
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    Saw Mavpuck tweeted a picture of the black montpetit jersey I happen to have the white one! Also Ryan Johnson has a red uno one for sale 

    i just picked up an authentic black one with the red Omaha across the chest those were sharp

  • Tuesday, November 15, 2022 7:45 PM
    Reply # 12990818 on 12989697

    Huh-low… You were gone, Jason? Didn’t notice.

    Yup. Thought we got rid of you.

    No Friday Night Scaries at Duluth.

    No idea how Sullivan redirected that shot. Maybe I’ll go look at replay. I think he actually kicked it in.

    Different team when they are ahead.

    Ty. Fricken. Moo-ler.

    I maintain, there was a penalty for the hit on Mancini. You can’t forecheck like that, and avoid contact. Knowing there is always going to be contact, the Duluth player put themselves at risk of a penalty. Sure enough, Mancini blows a tire, but there was contact… dangerous contact… and Omaha gets a power play. (We had a similar call go against us at Miami, last year.)

    Cross-check was the correct call. Location of contact with Mancini was stick/glove to the back of the pants. Were his arms extended?

    The contact with Kucharski… I think I’ve had my say on that. Would love to know what [Referee] Timm Walsh saw, or was thinking. Major was correct, though I had it under interference. Charging… not wrong, but easier sell on the major – unless you don’t like to give majors for interference.

    Also need to know why the whistle wasn’t blown with a goaltender not getting up.

    Jason is spot on: one of the few times I would call out a referee for losing the plot.

    Oh dear… I’m being screenshotted now. …and now I’m going to have to read the comments on Twitter.

    I will argue the referee at center ice is looking through as many as ten players to see the contact and how it happened. And there are actually ‘zones’ the referees are responsible for.

    Omaha not winning at home: I blame Screamy McScreamerson. He’s a curse.

    I like Omaha teams with no expectations. Play loose, no pressure.

    Pivonka’s scoring is going to be a season-long joke. Nogard. Sundberg. Pivonka.

    There is no quit in this team. Convinced the North Dakota game was an outlier. But we have seen this team fight to the final buzzer.

    I advocate for the 60-minute draw. 3-on-3 is a gimmick. Not every game needs a winner.

    Olson’s shot was not savable. Well placed.

    Positive result on the weekend.

    Kucharski was the Player of the Week. Showing he can steal a game. Just needs to not create his own adventures while handling the puck. Miller was good. Weiss made a few hustle plays that I don’t he was making a couple years ago.

    Table scraps. Nice for us to pick those up. Guys with chips on their shoulders.

    AIC… nobody calls them American International, anymore?


    **BUZZER**  I’M AWAKE! Is it time for work?

    Teddy Bear Toss. I don’t think we’ve done that. And unless you can do it, like they do in Hershey… why bother?

    The look on Jon’s face as the teddy bear flies across… like he’s trying not to giggle.

    Uh oh… the trip to the Berry. This can’t be good.

    Jon can’t carry the ice from his seats. We know. We’ve seen you throw a paper airplane.


    Forget special sweaters. Just give us three options… or even just better sweaters. We don’t have enough home games for special events. Let’s stick to the brand. But let’s do something to get us some notoriety. Grab some attention.

    One idea I wanted Omaha to try as an option to bring in more revenue: dedicated warmup sweaters. Can they sell ads on warmup sweaters, then change into the game sweaters after the warmup?

    YES… we need a new look. BRING BACK RED. GIVE UP POINTY BULL.

    Oh, I have some ideas, Jon… one of them echoes a Military-ish look.

    Should Omaha do something football- (soccer)-ish? New sweater every year?

    Omaha Runzas… too gimmicky. Especially for college athletics.


    What do you mean you ‘need a week off?’.

    Black Friday… Magness… Turkey Skate… Altitude… this is not a good combination.

    Did you run that logo ‘D1J’ by @LetsGoDU?

    What happened against UMass (Hamster), Jason?

    (Jon, please never wear the Hurricane ‘O’ again.)

    Don’t we have to talk about Jarid Luksevicius? Isn’t he in his 19th year of eligibility?

    Clean things up. We need a few weeks for that.

    We have a zone entry?


    Go Mavs.

  • Thursday, November 17, 2022 10:43 AM
    Reply # 12993026 on 12990662
    Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Quinn wrote:

    Saw Mavpuck tweeted a picture of the black montpetit jersey I happen to have the white one! Also Ryan Johnson has a red uno one for sale 

    i just picked up an authentic black one with the red Omaha across the chest those were sharp

    Awesome! I hope to see one of those two jerseys at the next home series (I liked the black version in that era with the curved red "OMAHA" across the chest). 
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