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Podcast — S5, E4: “Mixed Results at Lake St., Interview With Former UNO PA Announcer Fred Brooks, Alaska Preview”

  • Monday, October 17, 2022 3:39 PM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Fourth episode of the 2022-23 season... and in this episode with celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first-ever UNO Hockey game (Oct. 17, 1997) with our interview of original UNO Hockey (and Omaha Lancer) PA announcer Fred Brooks (co-host of the popular 1980s morning radio show "Out of Bed With Jack and Fred" on Lite 96).

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  • Monday, October 17, 2022 9:17 PM
    Reply # 12957808 on 12957418

    Welcome back? I just got here.

    Woot. Bridget rules! Just banish Jason, already.

    Keep those low expectations and high hopes. That’s a good way to go through this season… and maybe next.

    Those of you who saw the game: what did you think of the major to Miller?

    Speed kills. Weiss getting behind the defense.

    Thanks, B. It sounded questionable on the radio for the major. Not sure I understand the ‘elevation’ on the penalty.

    I still maintain Lake Superior did not score any of the four goals. (Yes, I have seen the highlights.)

    Omaha ain’t doing nothing until the video feed starts!

    I’m still trying to figure out how Proctor’s goal went in. Did it hit the defenseman, or did he beat the goalie playing the rVH?

    I still don’t get the two-goal lead thing. It used to be ‘the all-important two-goal lead.’

    Bridget left the radio on… but threatened to break it. (OK… she admitted it.)

    No quit in this team. We saw that against Niagara. They came through against Lake Superior State. Going to fight for the full 60.

    Kinda want to see this penalty on Abgrall.

    Shoot out? Ugh.

    Forget 3-on-3. Jim Marra is right. 5-on-5 for 10 minutes. If you can’t break through by then… it’s a draw.

    Who won the fight? Ladies First! Bridget gets Kucharski.

    Was not Latkoczy’s fault from what I saw.

    OK, Jon… you gotta find someone else. I’m guessing you go with Randl. I’d go with… Kucharski, again.

    I think Latkoczy gets a start against Alaska. Get him back on the horse, especially if the highlights are correct, and it wasn’t his fault on Saturday.

    I figured Jon would pick one of the Quebecois defenders.

    Great conversation going on the message board.

    Any time out for Mancini is HUGE for Omaha. Down one, already. Now – arguably – our best is out. Hope he’s back before conference play.


    ‘In to Bed with Jack and Fred!’

    How did you manage to set up this interview, B?

    I’m guessing it was a digitcart for music.

    When I spent time as the Husker Hockey announcer, I used to talk to visiting coaches to get pronunciations, too.

    Sioux City! Woo! Muskies! (giggle)

    Just about every SEC team has a club program.

    Riviera of the NCHC!

    OK… can we add any more Brookses to this conversation?

    Throwback pictures. Can we please go back to wearing crimson (red)?

    Sacre Bleu – it’s a nonsense French-Canadian slang. Most French-Canadian slang are based on holy/Catholic references. Not sure why. Personally, I think Sacre Bleu literally mean ‘Holy Cheese.’


    CCHA sweatshirt – that’s like Husker fans wearing the same sweatshirt since 1963.

    The Great Mason Compromise died with the CCHA.

    Transfers… yuck.

    A split is always the likely ending.

    Bridget, is that a Chris Claffey sweater behind you?

    Jon is wise to choose Alaska on Sunday. Sunday games favor the road team, because the home team is outside of their pre-game routine.


    Go Mavs. Nice job, Bridget.

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