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'Offensive' Defense

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  • Saturday, October 15, 2022 10:39 AM
    Reply # 12955280 on 12948586

    The biggest pitfall regarding Québécois is the draw of Major Junior. Not that that is necessarily a show stopper, just another hurdle. The ECAC and Big East teams fish those waters hard as well. Until the coaches wrap their heads around ‘we need 3-4 “threats”’ I’m afraid the team will be unbalanced. Take this year, I felt we needed at least 3 additional skaters. We now have 2 injuries, so 6 of 8 defensemen playable. Offensive threats have yet to show themselves (it’s early) but we don’t have much time.

  • Saturday, October 15, 2022 5:55 PM
    Reply # 12955486 on 12948586

    Right. Easier for Vermont, Maine, maybe New Hampshire, and definitely schools in upstate New York to recruit Francophones -- because there are people in that region who speak the language... and it's close to home.

    Outside of the region, Omaha is probably the best option. DNB is the X-Factor. His personal story is the pitch.

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