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NCHC 2021-2022 (no masks required)

  • Sunday, November 28, 2021 11:08 AM
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    Unfortunately we probably have to start out this week talking about postponed games due to covid.

    BC had both games called off.  Hopefully this won't be the start of many.  
    several teams had some nasty illness to contend with this weekend as well.

    Hopefully the mavs get some of their players back for CC and stay healthy.

    I'm not going to read too much into mankato getting beat this weekend.

    one head scratcher was miami dropping a game to long island.
    I know miami has struggled but still didn't expect that result.

    looking far into the future don't see a lot of ECAC or Hockey east teams having much out of conference success so far.  The tournament could have a decidedly western flavor as it stands now.

    hopefully the mavs are healthy and rested for CC.  they are going to be a tough out I have a feeling.

  • Sunday, December 05, 2021 6:12 PM
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    Before we get to the mavs this week have to comment on the loss/gain of NCHC commish Josh Fenton who is taking his talents over to the summit league.  fenton did an awesome job as nchc commish and for UNO/Denver and North dakota it can only be a positive as he provides some sorely needed leadership to the summit and may stem the hostile takeover of the unholy sanford center influence.

    Now to the mavs:  one of the major problems the team has always had is playing to the level of the competition.  it's been a problem ever since the mike kemp era.  

    Friday they lacked a killer instinct and just a less than inspired effort on saturday.  Conley and Roden were excellent but not much else to say for the rest of the team.  while it's apparent Jonny Tychonick adds a lot to the back end with his puck handling skills taking a 5 minute face mask major on saturday is just not smart.  
    loosing to CC and miami will come back to haunt the mavs in a big way later on.

    we shall see what happens at lawson but it could be a very long weekend if uno doesn't raise their game significantly.
    I'm hopeful for points but I don't know how realistic that is at this point.

    Elsewhere:  DU keeps rolling and scoring in bunches with their sweep of asu.

    UMD in a very tough spot having to start their 3rd goalie since fanti was out with the covid protocol and Zach Stejskal in a fight with the cancer.  (best of luck to him btw -- cancer sucks.) UMD still a very good team just missing some pieces from the lineup currently.

    Ohio state with a nice win at notre dame.  Ohio state could play a spoiler role in the Big10 -- they have shown glimpses of being a pretty good team.

    Northeastern with a big sweep against providence.  big points in the hockey east race.

  • Sunday, December 12, 2021 11:20 AM
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    Very happy with getting out of lawson with a split.  Hopefully this will give the team some momentum going into the break.

    Friday UNO got off to yet another slow start and even though they mounted a great comeback it was a little too little too late.  Saturday was the Saville show as he stopped 41 shots on the way to the shutout.  Getting out of lawson with a win is very good.

    North Dakota keeps impressing with their sweep of CC.  I thought UND would struggle somewhat but right now they are sitting at the top of the standings.

    DU and UMD split. -- full disclosure I was watching some of the DU UMD game both nights.  impressed with both teams. DU transitions from defense to offense so good.  UMD just plays that grind it out style thats very effective.

    Quinnipiac keeps rolling.  Yaniv Perets leads the nation in GAA plus save percentage.   it's possible they may be the best team in the ECAC.  I was big on harvard, but they did loose to brown last week so they get downgraded.

    Michigan state is quietly having a pretty decent season.  big split against notre dame.  Ohio State also with a pretty impressive split against michigan.

    Mankato keeps crushing the rest of the competition in the CCHA.  Lets see what happens come tournament time but so far they have been very good.  Probably be number one in the polls this week.

  • Sunday, December 12, 2021 9:10 PM
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    Has anyone else noticed that Conley is hitting like a Mack truck this year? And no, that was not contact to the head, you can’t duck into a hit and not be responsible! But honestly, Kevin has LAID OUT like 6 or 7 guys this year…

  • Sunday, December 19, 2021 11:35 AM
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    Not many games this weekend but a couple of other topics that I want to mention:

    Ohio state with a wild one against bowling green:  It took 20+ minutes to play the final minute between the fights, penalty shot and shenanigans.  Ohio State is 5-6-0 this season when tied or trailing after two periods. 7-5-0 when giving up the first goal.

    in hockey east Northeastern returns to games without fans:  Unpopular opinion here but irrational insanity has taken hold. a complete over-reaction.

    at some point we can't stop our lives every time a new variant comes out. Covid is never going away.  I haven't worn a mask in like 8 months and I don't know why people continue to live in fear.  

    also: Robert Morris is bringing their hockey program back:  Dangerous precedent to set when boosters bail out athletic programs.  The administration was quite clear that they didn't want to invest in the hockey program.   at some point you have to just let these programs die a natural death.  are we going to start a go fund me every time a hockey team gets axed?

  • Wednesday, December 29, 2021 6:44 PM
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    Quinn wrote:

    Quinnipiac keeps rolling.  Yaniv Perets leads the nation in GAA plus save percentage.   it's possible they may be the best team in the ECAC.  I was big on harvard, but they did loose to brown last week so they get downgraded.

    What I find really interesting at QU -- is they brought in Dylan St. Cyr to be the guy for a year. Perets was an unknown quantity.

    Poor kid, St. Cyr, can't catch a break. Was highly-touted going to Notre Dame, struggled a little early and lost his net to Cale Morris.

    Now it's happening again at Hamden.

    That is a REALLY GOOD Bobcats team. Eight shutouts for that team. It's not just goaltending, that's defense.

    Strength of schedule is the only knock. But they've split with the F'n Hawks.

  • Wednesday, December 29, 2021 6:46 PM
    Reply # 12223845 on 12203626
    Quinn wrote:

    are we going to start a go fund me every time a hockey team gets axed?

    So far. Yes!

  • Sunday, January 02, 2022 11:27 AM
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    Mixed results for the mavs this weekend.  Saturday showed what this team is capable of.  They are a fun team to watch and can beat any team if they play like they did Saturday.  Friday UNO didn't play the entire 60 minutes and it came back to bite them.  that's a recurring theme this season.  nothing but tough games from here on out starting with a DU team that can score in bunches.  (even though they did only tie with UAF)

    UNO needs to finish games and play a full 60 minutes otherwise it could be a very long second half of the season.

    I'm not going to talk much about the "health and safety protocols" that michigan used as a flimsy excuse duck western.  
    the hockey gods will repay them.  I feel bad for the existing players that basically were told they were not good enough to play.  meanwhile Boston University played with 11 forwards, 4 defensemen against Brown.

    MSU-Mankato has once again put itself in really good position for NCAA seeding by racking up good nonconference wins.  They are the real deal with a very impressive sweep of duluth.

    St Cloud looks pretty impressive as well dispatching a very tough to play against Bemidji State.

  • Sunday, January 09, 2022 7:31 AM
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    I wanted to talk about the UNO vs DU series this weekend, but the covid came in and dominated.  the covid's forecheck was very impressive and they battled hard for loose pucks.  

    all kidding aside, I hope that the postponements we are seeing are the anomaly and not a trend.  
    there is going to be some disruption in February already with some college players going to china (along with coaches Brett larson and mike hastings)

    it's shaping up to be an interesting couple of months between the covid and the olympics.

    Cornell looked pretty impressive with their sweep at north dakota.  I believe that was the first time since 2018 that UND has been swept on home ice.

    Cornell keeps it simple and they have stout defense with some big heavy forwards.
    Michigan wins game one verses umass.  They are still getting called out for ducking western and rightfully so.

    CC had a very nice sweep of miami.  it will take time but Kris Mayotte is doing a really good job and CC has been a very tough out for any team this year.

  • Monday, January 17, 2022 7:39 AM
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    welp the mavs season is quickly slipping away from them. I thought UNO played good in spots this weekend but not enough to overcome DU and their potent offense.

    the schedule doesn't do the mavs any favors and a very good UMD team comes rolling into town this weekend. perhaps my expectations for UNO were a bit high but you have to be a little disappointed where they are in the standings right now.

    big credit goes to secretagentmav who kept stating that alaska wasn't a bad team. they have been pretty impressive the last couple of weeks with the tie at DU and the win against minnesota.

    Michigan Tech quietly is putting together a very nice season with their big sweep of LSSU this weekend. Mankato is the top dog in the reformed CCHA, but tech could make some noise come tournament time.

    Hopefully no more games get cancelled with the covid.

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