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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S3, E6 - “Road Win at Baxter Arena”

  • Saturday, December 05, 2020 10:55 AM
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    On this episode of the “Mavpuckcast”...

    We discuss UNO’s second NCHC pod hockey game (and second game overall this season) against the Western Michigan Broncos at Baxter Arena. The team came out with a 10-2 decision in the bout with WMU. 

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  • Saturday, December 05, 2020 1:16 PM
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    The one and only Jon Brooks.

    Let’s revisit the rules on the cardboard cutouts!

    Avatars? They’re cutouts… don’t get fancy.

    All by yourselves, singing Eric Carmen songs?

    It was a nice touch by whomever is in charge of the cutouts.

    Do not anger Bridget.

    Western Michigan would not agree. I don’t agree. Great game for the Mavs, not an overall great game. We just like it cuz we won… by a lot.

    That is correct. Omaha played a more-complete game then we’ve gotten used to seeing.

    Hey hey hey… NO MEANS NO.  Good effort by Miller. He still almost overskated the net. But kept at it, got the reward.

    Bussi is a difference maker, but only because Cain is rubbish. Blacker was, too. Cain made is college debut in Omaha back in 2018. It didn’t go well for him.

    Sometimes its better to challenge yourself right away. Draw the positives. Carry it through.

    Jon is laughing manically about the third period.

    Let’s talk about the push following all the goals, so far this season. Omaha seems to be carrying the play immediately after every goal that was scored in both games.

    Balanced scoring. Seems to be what Gabinet wants. You want to shut down one player – fine, we’ll throw 12 forwards who can score at you.

    It would’ve been fun to be at, until I throw out my arm with the streamers.

    9 out 10 podcast listeners would leave it Jason sings. That’s not a ratio. Those are the actual numbers.

    POTG: Smallidge. Or are we going for less obvious picks? We could also go with ‘Sunny’… don’t lose track of his early defensive play. That set the tone, early. Sullivan and company blocking shots.

    Maybe Gabinet should be player of the game. He picked the right players and the right combinations.

    Miami… OF OHIO.

    Yeah… let’s not fall into that trap this year. No Miami OF OHIO game Friday – because CC is not here. The Redhawks OF OHIO did not look bad against the F’n Hawks. Those games last year were my fault. I was in South Bend, not at Baxter.

    Bingo, Jason. Win the games you should win. Make no mistake. That was a knock on Kemp-led teams. They used to play to the level of their competition.

    Oh, God… we laid four eggs against Miami OF OHIO. They pwn us.

    Games aren’t played on paper, Jason. They’re played inside non-Apple computers, these days.

    Hopefully the guys will come out to prove last year was a fluke. Or are the Redhawks OF OHIO going to be Gabby’s Kryptonite… OF OHIO.

    I’m not making a prediction. But I’ve got a bad feeling about this. We should have good feels coming in, we should stomp Miami OF OHIO. But things happen, and Miami OF OHIO has a mental edge over us.

    Streamlined podcast.

    Follow mavpuck on twitter. It was a blast on Thursday. It’s been a blast all #SiloSeries.

    Nope. No improvement. But I’m still here.

    Until Saturday. Go Mavs.

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