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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S3, E5 - “Doggone It!”

  • Wednesday, December 02, 2020 12:43 PM
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    On this episode of the “Mavpuckcast”... we discuss the UNO Hockey team’s first game of the 2020-21 season against Minnesota-Duluth at Baxter Arena — part of the NCHC Pod Hockey format to start the season. 

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  • Wednesday, December 02, 2020 10:06 PM
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    Actual hockey?

    Starting off on a strong note – Jon complaining about AppleTV.

    Stop the count!

    So, not only was Jon NOT in the building… he missed goals!

    Still trying to figure out where Saville was going on the shot. Never saw a replay to determine the redirection on the original shot.

    CC would have been an easier opener. But starting with Duluth might have a benefit later. We know we can play with them. Means we can play with anyone.

    Sundberg was all over the place. Well-deserved results for him.

    I suspect that ‘top line’ last night was actually a shutdown line. Especially when you figure the Abate line was the #2 line. Conley-Abate-Ward was the top line last year.

    Omaha looked good throughout the game. A couple loafs in there. Duluth just had an extra gear in the third.

    Didn’t have a problem with the call on Ward. Have a problem with him giving up on the play after. Smallidge… it’s a penalty. It had an influence on the play. Had the puck not been there… maybe you can let it go.

    The Mavs did establish in the offensive end. Duluth is just good at clogging shooting lanes. It’s not the Bemidji park-the-bus defense, but it’s active defensive play. UNO played well. A lot of positives to take away from last night.

    You’re reading too much into Ward being on the second line, Jon. I still think Conley-Abate-Ward is the top line.

    We had a chance. Saville should not have been off the ice at that point. Establish the zone, then add the extra attacker.

    Weiss showed some wheels. I had hopes he would be a scorer, but he is settling more into a setup role.

    Agree with Jon. Don’t rip it up, yet. It was one game, against the reigning champions. If there is nothing going against Western or Miami, then you get concerned.

    Sunny! Sundberg was the player of the game. I think he was hurt two years ago, and kinda lost the year. Liked him as a freshman. He re-found his footing, last year. Now he’s seeing the reward. He isn’t afraid to get his nose dirty. Effort guy.

    Good to see Tychonick step in on the top pairing. Not sure I saw much that stood out.

    Spoiler Alert: Western loses on an own goal!

    Weird to see tracksuits.

    Not reading much into the warmup area. Distractions happen.

    KRAMPADE!  Feels like MidCo has three commercials. But they didn’t have much time to sell spots.

    When I lived in Winnipeg, UND games were on WDAZ – the ABC affiliate. That was the Fighting Sioux Sports Network. Not sure how MidCo falls into that.

    Sunny! You’re welcome.

    Stagered benches. Great home ice advantage ploy.

    CCHA did dark at home in 2003-04. I believe NCHC did it after Christmas in the inaugural season.

    But I think we also wore black at home when we opened Baxter Arena… at least the Air Force series. I’m trying to remember if there were others.

    Spoiler Alert: Western will be without their #1 goalie. Maybe. Didn’t look good.

    You and Jason like to talk? You and Jason like to hear your own voices?

    Buy a PC, Jon. Give in to the dark side.

    This does feel like an extended showcase weekend you see in midgets and juniors.

    Go Mavs.

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