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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S3, E3

  • Monday, November 16, 2020 4:28 PM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Sorry it took me so long to post... been busy this week. 

    In this episode of the Mavpuckcast podcast, we discuss the NCHC’s recently announced “pod hockey” format (to open conference play at Baxter Arena next month), NCHC.tv package options and pricing, and the UNO Hockey captains for the 2020-21 season. 

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  • Wednesday, November 18, 2020 9:51 PM
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    Jon, you sound bitter about this pandemic.


    Hooray, schedule!

    Pod series… Call it the Silo Series. Do it.

    Will be interesting to see how players and teams respond to a pro-style schedule, as opposed to the junior/college/minor style schedule. Teams will need two goalies and deep rosters.

    We’ll just beat the other conferences in the tournament – like we do in the NCHC every year.

    Omaha’s ‘interchangeable parts’ outside of Ward might be a benefit in the Silo.

    Don’t think teams will be racing to their #3 goalie. They’ll roll two.

    Getting CC twice isn’t much of a benefit. I’d rather face North Dakota or Denver twice in the Silo instead of going to Magness or the Ralph for three games.

    Details on the Silo will be interesting – still trying to figure the locker room situation in my head. Does Omaha have to vacate? If we start winning from the visitor’s bench…

    Random draw between CC and Denver on who we get in the Silo. ‘Travel partners’ were pretty much guaranteed first and last weekends following the Silo.

    I’m not sure avoiding Denver in the Silo is a benefit. Would rather eliminate games at Magness.

    There does feel like a definite dichotomy between the East and West divisions.

    I really wish the international sheet would become the standard. It promotes a skill and speed game. Players are getting larger, and we’re looking to limit dangerous hits. Give them more space.

    Is Jason hoping for another 11-7 ‘Dean Blais Special’ with Miami?

    At least we don’t have to listen to the Lawson Lunatics this year. As long as we avoid them in the playoffs.

    Silo might play like neutral ice. Was never a fan of midweek home games. Those benefit the visitors – there is not adjustment for a road team – they’re not in class on the road. They go into ‘road mode’. Home team midweek is working around an unfamiliar schedule, out of routine. Everyone in the Silo, everyone remote learning. No advantage, there.

    Put Taylor Ward in a bubble. Don’t let him get hurt. Do we know how his recovery from the late-season injury was? Did we ever find out what the injury was?

    Also, minimal home ice advantage with no fans. At least Omaha should know the bounces.

    I’ll be watching every game. I’m clearing the schedule. Might even check in to work a hour early to make sure I’m able to watch the early games.

    Neutral site surprises… oh… Saint Cloud goes 0-for-the Silo.

    No travel issues. No Mark Payne losing the sweaters, or packing the wrong ones, or whatever he did on the Alaska trip several years ago.

    …and once the Silo ends… World Juniors, baby! Hockey in the morning. Hockey in the evening. Hockey at suppertime.

    Questionable decisions by states and schools. No fans in the Silo. Please, no. Take no chances.

    This will be no weirder, no more bizarre than the NHL pod.

    It will cost the conference… as in Miami… money. Isn’t Miami bankrolling the conference?

    You almost had it, Jason. Not even family. The only fair thing is no fans, no family. Just players and staff. Keep it simple.  Jon has it. For crying out loud, make it a prison. Lol

    Bottom line is we need to stop being greedy. Take what is there, don’t force anything. Don’t ask for more. That applies beyond hockey.

    Bridget and Jolene, FTW! Thank you for their sensibility.

    Hoping for MidCo or CBSSN coming in with professional crews and production – a couple extra cameras.  Just tell MidCo to leave Alex Hinert and his ‘God’s Gift to Hockey Broadcasting’ mentality at home. But, then again – listening to some crews for road games… maybe Hinert isn’t so bad. A lot will depend on who is available for three weeks.

    (I’m pretending I don’t already know the schedule or broadcast teams. It’s only fair to Jon and Jason.)

    Did you just say ‘Pod Hockey’ or ‘Pond Hockey’?

    I will say, I loved the 10am NHL games from Toronto in August.

    Um… practice on Holland Ice, Jon. I don’t see a big issue having 3 teams… or even 6 teams in Baxter with two on the game sheet, and one on Holland. You could even squeeze in an early morning or late night practice for a team.

    Logistically, if you have 2 games – 4 teams on main sheet… you only have to fit four teams on Holland, and you only need 90 minutes to 2 hours for Holland, as opposed to 3 hours for a game.

    Morning skates for teams with games might pose a challenge.

    Jon threatening a bloodbath. Get the Sprite ready!

    Conley. Great pick. Second oldest player in program history, after John Faulkner. Seriously, a solid, mature leader. He stepped up offensively last year. Does the things that don’t show up on the scoresheet.

    Knoepke is another good pick. He’s the top defenseman, right now. Shut down guy. Smart. Solid.

    No question about Ward. His hockey IQ is beyond reproach. I figured him for a multi-year captain. Shocked it took this long. He leads by example. Jason has a point, but this is a better choice than the year Parse was captain. I don’t think Gabinet would put this on Ward if he didn’t think he could handle it.

    Jon has it on Parse. I think we all thought giving Parse the ‘C’ was part of a recruiting ploy to keep him here as a senior.

    Ward’s injury limited his chances to go pro this offseason. Too many questions health wise coming off a major leg injury. Not sure UNO has anyone else ready to make the jump.

    Sullivan is the one I’m not entirely certain on. He was good once he got healthy, but was prone to the silly penalty, or ill-timed hit. It’s not a bad choice, but he’s the one I have a few doubts about.

    I wonder if Gabinet chose the captain, and the players chose the associates – and it’s one per non-freshman class.

    You will take this breaking news after your podcast, and you will LIKE IT, Jason.

    Maybe you need to break in to people’s podcasts with breaking news.

    I’ve got nowhere to go, anymore, Jon. You’re stuck with me as much as I’m stuck killing an hour with you.

    Go Mavs.

  • Wednesday, November 25, 2020 9:03 AM
    Reply # 9386464 on 9374562

    Put Taylor Ward in a bubble. Don’t let him get hurt. Do we know how his recovery from the late-season injury was? Did we ever find out what the injury was?

    Ward’s injury limited his chances to go pro this offseason. Too many questions health wise coming off a major leg injury. Not sure UNO has anyone else ready to make the jump.

    Thought I read it was an ankle fracture or break.
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