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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S3, E2

  • Wednesday, October 21, 2020 2:21 PM
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    This week’s episode is titled “Hockey in a ‘Pod’-emic,” and finds the talk centered around the NCHC’s *bubblicious* announcement that “pod hockey” will be coming to Omaha’s Baxter Arena the first three weeks of December. 

    We break down all the details on that, and also discuss the news that UNO will serve as host school for a pair of upcoming NCAA regionals. The episode is capped off with a look at returning Mavs this season. 

  • Wednesday, October 21, 2020 2:36 PM
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    On YouTube... 

  • Wednesday, October 21, 2020 2:38 PM
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  • Friday, November 13, 2020 9:38 PM
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    Hellooooooo Nurse.

    It’s the inaugural second episode of the third season.

    OK… it’s all Jon’s fault.


    Can’t we just make progress through a regional in scenic Worcester? Not wait 10 years that way?

    We didn’t lose in 2011. #StillHaventLost  DON’T TALK ABOUT IT, JON.

    Sioux Falls is an easy drive. I wonder if USHL arenas in Sioux City or maybe even the old MAC are possibly future locations. Or… Wells Fargo in Des Moines. Sanford Center sounds like maybe the Summit might have had a hand in it, too.

    Yes, Cloud lost to Air Force in the opener at Sioux Falls. I think Air Force then went nearly 30 minutes before recording a shot against Duluth the next night.

    I’ll pass on Vegas.

    Silo Series, FTW!

    No reason to allow anyone in the Pod, aside from players and staff. Like the NHL, seal it. Don’t take any risks with the players. We just want to watch hockey. We’ll have the stream.

    I don’t see games going on Holland Ice. Not much room on the benches. Even less room in the dressing rooms. Also, you’ll have sun glare issues and no streaming possibilities. Holland should be practice sheet only.

    All-conference schedule does mean you get to see every game every team plays… minor benefit. Will have to do the math to see if we’re getting more games.

    I don’t like the argument that “they get to do it, so why can’t we?” Someone needs to be the adult in the room, make the right decision. It’s like going to a hockey game in a blizzard. Life isn’t about one-upmanship.

    I’m hoping for midday hockey. That was fantastic during the NHL bubble.

    I’m sure Power 5 Autonomy played a factor in the NCAA not having an across the board policy. SEC, ACC, and B1G could have easily have told Emmert what to do with his policy. There is still a fear those conferences will leave the NCAA.

    Provided he doesn’t fall into a sophomore slump, it’s Saville’s net, again. Roden proved he could play, last year. Just hoping they continue to grow. 

    Just hit me that the Pod might play to a strength for Omaha. Two solid goaltenders. Both will need to play. Denver and NoDak can match us – but we don’t face them until we return to a more traditional schedule. Duluth has three guys who have never played. Miami had a couple guys who beat us, but aren’t strong. And Western has their ‘fish out of water’ in Busse. What does Saint Cloud have behind Hrenak?

    I can’t imagine Klehr came back for a sixth season to not play.

    Players don’t choose when they make the mistakes. The important thing is we don’t play games where one mistake or one call makes a difference.

    Another year of growth should help across the board. You would hope. I mean, that’s what we do here: develop players. That’s the ultimate goal.

    Omaha needs someone to step up and match Taylor Ward. It was obvious once Ward got hurt, teams didn’t have to focus on a single line defensively – they could roll lines instead. It’s good to have a Ward, but you need a couple of them to mess with the matchups. Beyond Ward, this team was a bunch of good, but not great players. Nobody who stoked fears. Across the board production is nice. But someone needs to move beyond ‘average to good’. We’re almost to interchangeable, too ‘one note’.

    Scott Parse took off once he paired with Bill Thomas. But that pair also launched Alex Nikiforuk. With those three, you could pair BLT with Scott and have an overwhelming line (with Bryan Marshall). And that opens the ice later in the game for Niki and others. Or you split the two wings… and know one of them gets a favorable lineup.

    Freshmen seem to play more in the modern game. I think it’s the threat of transferring. A junior or senior just has to ride it out. A freshman can leave and not lose much.

    Kothenbuetel was the scratch most nights. He never looked thrilled about it. Now we have extra forwards. That doesn’t bode well for him. I thought he’d leave after last year. Glad he stayed. Would love to know what the conversation between Travis and Gabs was.

    It will be interesting to see what becomes of the dressing room situation. I’m sure the volleyball and basketball rooms will get loaned out. Trying to think what the visitor rooms are like. Wonder is someone gets stuck using the small rooms for Holland Ice.

    You, Bridget and your rules.

    Go Mavs.

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