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Podcast: “Mavpuckcast” - S2, E 16

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  • Friday, February 07, 2020 11:55 PM
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    Anonymous wrote:

    Murray doesn’t recruit college hockey players – he recruits guys who he wants to prepare for the NHL. That is his sell on the program. And having been an NHL Head Coach – he has that card.

    I don't see a difference Chris, between college hockey players and guys you want to prepare for the NHL.  I get what you're saying, but certainly Murray would agree that he doesn't envision every player he recruits and therefore able to help his program as eventually being in the NHL someday.  You're right in that he does have that card, that he knows more than Gabinet or whoever what it takes to make an NHL player.  And we had that to some degree with Blais too.  

    Friday. Moving on! Moving on!... Moving on!

    I didn't go Saturday so can't compare.  But Friday was so frustrating.  Not only were there minimal chances, but man, I don't think I've ever seen a game where we've turned the puck over at our blue line or red line as much as I did that game.  We'd seem to be having a good breakout going and Western always seemed to get the puck right back in the zone.

    Corsi is a fake statistic. Don’t ever reference it again.

    Not fake, just to what degree do you believe it.  I don't care to read about it either though, well, not overly so anyway.

    “You don’t score on 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I can’t remember who said it. But I’m pretty sure he is well-known. Grayski? Gretson? Brent Gretzky? Oh yeah… Wayne. Wayne Gretzky. That’s the guy.

    What does he know about scoring.

    40 shots… that was a light day for me in juniors.

    And yet, none of them that got by you were legitimate goals right?

    I am of the opinion that this Podcast would be great if it was just Jon and Bridget.

    Disagree.  Which isn't to say it would be bad, to their credit.

    77 is Scott Fitzpatrick. Local fire fighter. You want his phone number or home address?

    But he wasn't the one who was throwing them out all game.

    Oooooh… BRIDGET RANT!

    The bag thing is old.  Valid points nonetheless.  And it's so stupid.  I have never experienced an arena with such stringent policies, and it's valid that it could turn somebody off from going again.  I took my hat off before he even asked, and the guy seemed to look at me like why's this dude taking his hat off.  

    Bridget is wound up like Jon on Sprite.

    Are you surprised?  But we love her for it.


    Settle down.  Or hit the FF button.  There's a 30 second FF button on my podcasts.

    Jon doesn’t know hockey. One word: apple.

    I enjoyed the comment about Jason and the WCHA days.  I remember having similar feelings when UNO joined the CCHA having grown up in St. Cloud.  As much I enjoyed seeing some new teams come through, I always lamented being able to see Duluth and St. Cloud and North Dakota.  So I appreciated the move to the NCHC as well.  I miss having one of those huge schools though that everyone could hate so easiliy, like Michigan or Minnesota.  Yeah we have Denver now or Dakota, but it's not truly one of those huge universities.

    The Bulldogs are the only team to sweep us.

    Somewhat impressive actually.  I know Miami was a bad weekend or Maine or whatever, but still somewhat impressive to only have been swept once, especially since our season has included Denver and at Dakota.

    Considering the number of games that are left and much can change, it seems Cloud and Omaha are battling for 5th and 6th and Western.......whatever, I would rather we play Western in the playoffs over Denver or Duluth.

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