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NCHC 2019-2020

  • Sunday, January 12, 2020 6:29 PM
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    Extremely happy and jubilant about the split this weekend.  UND a very very good team and to get out of there with a split very very impressed.

    more important it moves UNO to within 3 of 4th place.   DU comes rolling in this week and a win against the pios is long overdue.

    DU with a sweep over st. cloud.  I really didn't think I would see st. cloud dead last this year.

    UMD with a nice win and a tie against western.  UMD had a goal disallowed that was questionable.  all in all not a good weekend for the officials.

    CC and Miami split.  the middle of the NCHC is crowded right now.    should be fun ride to the end..


    scary moment in the osu -- wisconsin series.  thankfully regula expected to make a full recovery.   stick a fork in notre dame.  they can't score.

    Big clash of heavyweights out east as umass and bc split their series.   could have a rematch in the hockey east final

    Cornell with a bit of a clunker against Union.   Clarkson with a big win over quinnipiac.   come NCAA tournament time think clarkson has more upside than cornell even though cornell is a really really good team.

    Bizarre game between harvard and yale this weekend. yale goaltender Corbin Kaczperski gets a game misconduct for punching a harvard player.   will this rout jumpstart harvard for 2nd half run?

    Sacred heart continues their solid play with a sweep over mercyhurst.

  • Sunday, January 12, 2020 8:04 PM
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    Interestingly, the closest thing we had this weekend to a hockey game was Friday night and the Mavs looked ‘even’ with the F’n Hacks. Saturday isn’t worth talking about. The first period was a joke and all in we may have lost three players to what some would call ‘old school hockey’. By the way, that hockey, the 80’s hockey, is why I don’t follow the pro game anymore. But, the Mavs have played every team, with the exception of UMD, even. A pinch here, a pinch there, and the record is much better than the current situation. And yes, Clarkson over Cornell, “workmen who needeth not be ashamed”...

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  • Tuesday, January 14, 2020 2:45 PM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    It was a good weekend for the Mavs. They need to find a way to get positive results during the NCHC series this January to stay relevant in the conference points race. 

    UNO took advantage of their opportunities on Friday (despite their anemic SOG totals). Being able to play most of the game five on five made a difference. UNO is just a different team when they score the first goal. 

    Saturday was a tough night. I wasn't surprised by the outcome of the game (I figured it'd be tough to get a W after Friday). I don't like games where officiating "sticks out," and I thought it did on Saturday. 

    We consistently have trouble establishing any sort of flow in the offensive zone — unless we are in transition. The power play has struggled the past few weekends, and the Mavs need to find a way to get it clicking again. 

    The Mavs also need to shore things up defensively. 

    If UNO is able to stay within a reasonable distance of 4th/5th place, they should continue to have positive results going forward. 

    The team will apparently be without the services of Abate, Smallidge, and Roy against DU. Proctor is questionable as well. 

    They have to be careful the next two weekends against DU and CC. 

  • Sunday, January 19, 2020 7:08 PM
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    To go toe to toe with a very good DU team is extremely impressive.  UNO is going to be a very tough out for anyone come playoff time.   a little frustrating to give up a goal in the last minute on saturday.   The plus side is UNO has a very favorable schedule the rest of the way.  4 against CC and 2 against miami.   A serious move up in the standings is a very real possibility.

    How about st. cloud?  after a very rough start to the year a big sweep against UND.  st. cloud right back in the middle of the pack.   Could be a very dangerous team if they keep it up.

    Big matchup between UMD and UND next week.  both teams are leaking oil.   Miami was up 2-0 both nites before UND salvaged a win and a tie.   should be a very interesting matchup.

    WMU is finally healthy but for how long?  nice sweep against CC but can they keep rolling?


    Just when you start to figure out atlantic hockey it changes.  sacred heart only musters a tie against canisius. 

    Penn state is a good team except when they aren't  -- getting waxed by the weasels friday.

    Don't blink but UNH is sitting at 18th in the pwr after a big win against providence.   I hadn't even paid much attention to UNH but they opened my eyes this weekend. 

  • Monday, January 20, 2020 1:17 PM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    If the Mavs could get a sweep at Colorado College, it would be huge. 

    Sweeps are very hard to come by in NCHC play (especially in the second half), but if the Mavs can get 4 to 6 points in that series, it would provide them ample motivation heading into February. 

    The question is whether they'll have anything left after two emotional series the past two weekends. They can't overlook CC, and I worry there could be something of a letdown (going with the theory that it's a lot easier to get "up" for the likes of North Dakota and DU). 

    One of the things UNO has run into in recent years — as it regards the final weeks of the season — is being in a position where they are basically out of contention for home ice. 

    I really think that impacts play of the team in March. The idea being, "Welp... we know we have no chance for home ice, so if we're going on the road, does it really matter where we go?"

    Then, it turns into a situation where people scheme way too much on who would be the "best" road matchup. People will say things like, "Welp... we frequently play well at North Dakota, so maybe that would be the best draw." 

    I would much rather have a situation where UNO is in the hunt for 4th place in the conference down the stretch. Even if they don't make it, I think their level of play will be better in a scenario like that. 

    Additionally, I think the upperclassmen oftentimes get "distracted" in March knowing — as soon as their college team's season is over — they can go play minor league hockey with any one of 1 million obscure ECHL teams. 

    If a collegiate team struggles down the stretch, I really believe seniors' eyes start wandering — hoping they can try and make their mark before the minor league hockey season is over.

    (At that point, their goal is to continue playing hockey for as long as they can... )

    I know people talk a lot about the fact that UNO is a "young team," but I think it might provide a certain advantage since those players aren't going anywhere. 

    So I think there is an opportunity for the Mavs to have success. We just need to stay afloat in the points race. 

    If UNO takes care of business at CC (a team that has scored the fewest goals in the NCHC), then there is a possibility they will be in 4th place after the weekend — a great place to be heading into a home bout against Western Michigan. 

    It would be great if they could get it done. We have a favorable schedule down the stretch (as Quinn pointed out). 

  • Sunday, January 26, 2020 6:09 PM
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    UNO takes care of business against a last place cc team for a critical 6 points.   WMU comes rolling in this week.  Mavs have been playing really well and WMU is usually not that good on the road.   I think the mavs get at least a split out of this series.

    more importantly UNO moves into 5th place.   may take some work to get home ice for the playoffs but it's very doable.  (and we can finally use those playoff tickets we pay for up front)

    DU also takes care of business against miami.   DU is in a great spot right now and with the struggles of UND could possibly sneak into that top spot

    Speaking of UND their defensive struggles continue giving up 7 to UMD friday.   They were able to manage a split, but their defensive woes and the play of scheel should be concerning. . 

    just when it looked like SCSU turned a corner they get beatdown by wmu.  SCSU just can't seem to put it all together this year.


    Crazy weekend in hockey east: Hockey East's top 3 teams took 2 of 12 points this weekend.  I talked about UNH last week and maine in weeks prior.  Those teams keep lurking around.  the NCAA tournament is gonna be chalk full of hockey east teams this year.

    Mankato drops a game to the beavers.  of bigger concern is the health of leading scorer marc michaelis who was injured in a game last week.  mankato is going to need him in the ncaa tournament if they want their 0 to go.

    arizona state with a nice win over clarkson.  ASU lurking for another at large this year.

    Munn arena was rocking this weekend (that hasn't been seen for a few years) even though they split with penn state it's nice to see michigan state be decent again.

    Minnesota a very nice sweep against ohio state.    

    and you may as well throw some names in a hat for the atlantic hockey autobid this year. 


  • Monday, January 27, 2020 8:12 PM
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    Anonymous wrote:

    I would much rather have a situation where UNO is in the hunt for 4th place in the conference down the stretch.

    Thanks Captain Mavpuck (obvious) haha!  We all want that!  But I get what you're saying.

    Interesting point about seniors' eyes wandering.  I could see some truth to that theory.

    Every team is different when they score first.  I can really only speak to numbers I hear about in the NHL and can't recite them for you here.  It's totally weird why teams suck when get scored on first.  I mean, it's one goal for shit's sake!  Keep playing hard.  I may have this wrong but the Blues were playing Pittsburgh? not long ago on NBCSN and they said the Blues were like 21-0-5 when scoring first.  That's ridiculous.  I mean it helps they're a great team and win a majority of the time anyway.  The stats that back up the 1 goal lead are crazy though. 

  • Wednesday, January 29, 2020 1:16 PM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Seven points out of 4th place in the NCHC. They can't catch WMU this weekend, but a sweep of the Broncos sure would help. 

    You hate to label any series as "pivotal," but this weekend's series at Baxter Arena against Western is pretty important. 

    If we sweep, it means there is a lot to look forward to down the stretch. If we get swept, it might be tough to recover. A split keeps UNO in the conversation for another week. 

  • Sunday, February 02, 2020 7:52 AM
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    Huge win on saturday to keep pace with st. cloud in the NCHC standings. 

    WMU didn't do themselves any favors with their thuglike performance.  good thing UNO's power play stinks out loud otherwise saturday could have been a blowout.

    WMU hands down the dirtiest team in the league imo

    with 7 points to catch 4th it's going to be a very uphill battle for UNO. 

    the real drama in the NCHC this year is the order of 2-4 place teams.   UMD with a very very impressive sweep of DU.  the defending national champions are starting to put it together at the right time of year.  tall order for UNO next week.  can they steal some points?  going to be very very tough.

    CC and miami are relegated to the last place pillow fight.  good news for UNO is that we play both of them down the stretch.

    Full disclaimer: I know there is some sort of boston centric tournament that starts monday that no one outside of boston gives a rats ass about, so quick look out east:

    bad weekend for UNH getting swept by of all teams uconn.  UNH now looking at autobid only as the wheels came off in a big way.

    BC with a very nice win against umass.  

    Maine continues to hang around sweeping a very bad merrimack team.  

    bad weekend for cornell getting pounded by quinnipiac.  I'm sure mike schafer and rand pecknold had a nice conversation afterwards... I mean who can forget the following:


    no love loss when those teams play that's for sure.

    don't look now but minnesota is 7-1-1 having a big weekend against wisconsin.

    how about bemidji state? huge sweep over bowling green.   they are lurking in the pwr.  trying to trap and bore to get into the tournament.

    mankato not impressive with mustering up a tie at uaa.   still not sold on them they are going to have to do something in the NCAA's this year to impress me

  • Sunday, February 02, 2020 4:27 PM
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    Quinn wrote:

    good thing UNO's power play stinks out loud otherwise saturday could have been a blowout.

    Yeah, OK. 19.8% on the PP sucks. Get real. It's average. Get some perspective, get a grip.

    Quinn wrote:

    Full disclaimer: I know there is some sort of boston centric tournament that starts monday that no one outside of boston gives a rats ass about

    I care. Check your facts.
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