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NCHC 2018-2019

  • Monday, March 04, 2019 4:27 PM
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    I view UNO in the NCHC he equivalent to Texas Tech in Big 12 football all the way to hiring The home team player as head coach ( Gabs vs Kliff Kingsbury).   We saw how it worked for TT in football and I see the same happening to UNO in a couple years after our 3rd straight 7 to 8th place finish in 2022.   Trev/kemp going cheap and hiring a coach with basically zero for recruiting history (think bo pelini in 2008 at unl and how that worked out for the cornhuskers).   I am already seeing it, recruits are using Omaha as a fail safe until a better offer comes along.   Sorry, but i see this as a "this is going to end badly for us long term fans" ... the barn seems to be emptier and emptier eCh year with this coaching staff...  wasn't Guy Gadowsky available when Omaha went cheap?

  • Monday, March 04, 2019 8:04 PM
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    I apologize, but I have to disagree with this sentiment. Yes, commits come and go, but that is seen across college hockey. USCHO did a story on it. We are getting commits once committed as well. And some of them? Dasche committed to 3 teams over a 3 month period. Pekar did the same. It’s a generational difference. Coaching is evolving, look around. Blaise didn’t get us ‘there’, once and done in the final 4 was nice, but what happened after that? Maybe building an organization with staying power as opposed to triage applied by someone in the twilight of their coaching years makes sense. Bridges can be built. We’ve seen this years team go from frustration, to tenacity, to compete. Something tells me that Gabs had more to deal with than we know. My position is to give Mike 5 years. I believe in what he is trying to do. Looking at the recruits coming, if they come (verbals are not commitments, they’re leanings), we’re going to see a more balanced squad, with increased capability. Even this year, no stars, 2nd toughest schedule in the NCAA, and the back half has show significant improvement. Mike did that. A couple of splits. A couple of sweeps (that I lay at the feet of the zebras) and the odd win and they end up 14th in the pairwise. Yeah, I know hindsight is easy. But it remains fact...

  • Tuesday, March 05, 2019 10:39 AM
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    And, actually, Guy Gadowsky wasn't available. he hooked on to Penn State in 2012 I think, going 13-14 as an independent. His first year in the BIG 10 went 8 and 26 (same as Gabinet's current year 2).  He also didn't get screwed on the recruiting front by both the previous coach, and, an assistant that pulled what Mannino pulled.

  • Tuesday, March 05, 2019 10:56 AM
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    Anonymous wrote:

     I am already seeing it, recruits are using Omaha as a fail safe until a better offer comes along.  

    I'm not sure you understand what exactly transpired last summer.

    Moving on past the Mannino Fiasco, UNO is in a great place right now for recruiting. You have three coaches on the bench who have college hockey experience. Two coaches have NHL Coaching experience. Jerrard has been a recruiter before and Noel-Bernier has connections to the USHL.

    What we are currently seeing in Omaha is the effect of the neglect by Blais in his final year, the fallout from a coaching (and style) change, and the complication of Mannino's shady dealings.

    I don't blame players who decommitted when Blais left - they were recruited to play wide open offensive hockey. That's not Gabby's style. As a team, we're still phasing out Blais recruits who - bless their souls - attempted to change with the coaching.

    Dashke, Pekar, Crowder - they followed Mannino, who recruited them. OK. Bitter pill on our end, but who did they have the relationship with?

    Jacques - likely struggled in the midwest, wasn't healthy and is now playing closer to home.

    Clement was a Blais recruit. Anderson - who two sources still list as a UNO commit - was a Blais recruit.

    Gabinet isn't losing recruits, like you suggest. Omaha isn't a 'parking spot' for a commitment. Though, if any player would use Omaha as such -- SMURF 'EM, we don't want that type of character here.

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  • Tuesday, March 05, 2019 10:58 AM
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    Anonymous wrote:

     My position is to give Mike 5 years.

    EVERY college coach deserves at least 5 years -- that marks one year with a roster entirely composed of their players.

  • Tuesday, March 05, 2019 10:58 AM
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    Anonymous wrote:

    And, actually, Guy Gadowsky wasn't available.

    He probably means George Gwozdecky.
  • Tuesday, March 05, 2019 7:57 PM
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    Well you gotta get you GG’S right. Time will tell, But I like the results of the teams recovery. Yes, the record isn’t good, but the play is vastly improved and will continue to improve. Your response supports much of what I said. I repeat that I am more optimistic than most looking to 19/20. The league is tough and getting tougher. No easy nights. But our “core” is expanding. Expectations are high, the bar raised. Tally ho!

  • Friday, March 08, 2019 12:10 PM
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     Gadowsky would've been sweet but yes he was Penn St's first hire, not available and looking like he'll be there awhile.  And Gwoz, there was no saying he even wanted to come back to college hockey and no saying we wanted a guy in his 60's.  IIRC, he even said he wavered on whether he wanted to coach college again.

  • Sunday, March 10, 2019 9:05 AM
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    Before we get to the NCHC playoffs, perhaps the folks on twitter can chip in for my #blais hater shirt -- folks if you disagree with anything sign up and reply -- #makemavpuckgreatagain!!!

    one final comment about gabinet: I still think it was a bad hire, but I've totally missed the mark before.  I never thought UNO would go to the frozen four and I was extremely critical of Rick Comley at MSU for decades before he shut me up by winning a national title.  

    some of those twitter folks act like gabinet is the second coming of jesus.   

    I read something that is pretty accurate and I will quote the twitter poster for full credit:

    Greg Smith‏ @gsmith601 Mar 8

    MorCrazy how some are trying to discredit his (blais) tenure. Frozen Four, Guentzel and so many bright spots. It’s almost like they are trying to tear down his accomplishments in attempt to prop up Gabinet

    Blais did make the regional with a team full of mike kemp recruits need I remind you.

    OK: onto the NCHC:

    I like CC to take out western in 3 -- CC is much better than their record indicates.

    DU and UND should be a low scoring affair -- tough series -- i like DU in 3

    UMD should pummel UNO -- UMD in 2

    SCSU should pummel Miami -- SCSU in 2

    I'm calling it now: Penn state looses to Wisconsin today

    Elsewhere: I like Northern Michigan and Lake state in the WCHA

    also: I'm calling it --- BC to upset providence in Hockey East.

  • Sunday, March 10, 2019 2:24 PM
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    Quinn, I don't think that anyone here is on the Dean Blais hate team though i may be wrong. All I am saying is that we need to give the coach the opportunity to build that which he was hired to do. Would Dean have accomplished more in the last two years, given the makeup of the team? I think not. The frustration over his last 2 years was that nothing was being done to change the output. We saw degradation of performance as the year went on, not improvement. We saw an offense that was productive "when it was engaged", but we also saw that we spent 40 minutes in our own end and did little if anything to stop the shooting gallery it had become. We saw little use of physicality. We saw an over reliance on the first line even after Jake had left. my wife suffered my analysis of what we were doing wrong and how to fix it. Why couldn't Dean see it?

    Do I have concerns? Yes. Am I am expert? No. I firmly believe that we will see a step change in 19/20. Final Four? No. Frozen Faceoff? Just a maybe. Here are the changes that I would like to see:

    1. Build the lines by the middle of November AND LEAVE THEM alone. Allow the players to develop an intuitive feel for their linemates.

    2. Make the hard call on who belongs on the starting team. Lines and defenses 1, 2 and 3. If we are going to play with something, let's play with the 4th line and use that line effectively. Yes, players earn time, BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE of the team and results.

    3. Goaltending is key. Wennie proved that. Say what you want, but Evan Weninger has been a shooting gallery duck for 4 years. His confidence was pummeled over the last 3 years. I firmly believe that we are turning the corner on the defensive lineup and only need one small adjustment.

    4. On offense, see bullet 1! I have a very strong opinion regarding what should have been done this year, but that is based on what i saw in games, not practice. I look forward to what we see in October. I've done a ton of research on the group coming in and already have a bias.

    Lastly, I have been very impressed at what was accomplished over the last 3 months. This team is performing, though not being rewarded for, an incredible turn around in HOW they play the game. They have played every team tough since Christmas.

    Yes, pummeled by UMD. Outscored on by SCSU. Well, UMD has pummeled a lot of teams. And watching that series (UMD), game one it appeared that 1/2 our team was in shock. And it was, the freshmen hadn't seen that level of physicality and skill before. Not even from ND. But they played UND even.

    They played Western even. They played Miami, on the road, even. SCSU has pummeled everyone, look at their record in the NCHC. Dean's two last years were poor for recruiting. Gabs first was "interrupted". Yes, he was a bargain versus all the potential "name" coaches.

    But Mike is invested. Not on his "last stop". Looking to become part of the organization and own it. Was he a mistake? I think that,while I respect your opinion from your perspective, that it is far too early to tell.

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