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  • Monday, November 13, 2023 9:57 PM
    Message # 13279083
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The sixth episode of the 2023-24 season... 

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  • Tuesday, November 14, 2023 10:30 PM
    Reply # 13279590 on 13279083

    Ugh… bring back the female contributor. She was much more insightful than this Denver guy.

    Sweaters, not jerseys.

    Can we stop with ‘name recognition’? Just because it’s not Michigan or Minnesota doesen’t mean it’s not a quality opponent. Quinnipiac isn’t a name. Denver isn’t a name outside of hockey. Colorado College has more history than us. Bemidji, Huntsville, and St. Cloud have more history than us.

    Right call on the goaltender interference. Sullivan is looking for the rebound, but Perrone was never able to recover from the contact.

    Two goal leads… go ask Terry Leahy.

    You could tell after the game, the team was uninspired. There was no energy going into the boards at the student section.


    What specifically do you think the referees were letting go? I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

    Urdahl… a forward on a breakaway.

    Dumb penalty by Abgrall. And once it stuck (rightfully) as a major, I had a feeling LIU would score twice to tie it.

    Perrone is a spazz in net. Like… Tim Thomas level flopper. No form. Looks like Twizzlers.

    Abgrall’s hit was blatant. I didn’t see any other hits earlier like it.

    A lovely shot of the people in front of Jon picking up their jackets immediately after Lemay’s winner.

    Not a sweep. Did not outright win both games.

    Mancini has been an offensive force (quietly) for three years. And Gabinet’s system promotes that – by having forwards cover the point.

    Solid choice with Proctor. He’s been good.

    I think Sullivan had a great weekend. In the middle of everything.

    Mueller was effective.

    Maybe we should pick Urdahl for scoring on a breakaway.

    I have many thoughts on Military Appreciation night… too many to list here. Let’s say: I wasn’t thrilled.

    Do we need a shot of Jon taking a swig?

    It’s college hockey. We only have like 20 home games. Do we need theme nights?

    Why didn’t we do Military Appreciation on Veterans Day?

    Jon, spit out your gum before this segment about UDUCSCDC.

    Denver can easily outscore Omaha. Their goaltenders don’t need to be good against us. We’ll make them look like Chrona.

    As strong as we expected our goaltending and defence to me… no shutouts.

    That is some Ed Belfour-quality hair from Halyk.

    Denver sweeps. It won’t even be close.

    Meat and potatoes hockey… that involves effort. We haven’t seen much effort from this team.

    Go Mavs or go home.

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