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FULL VIDEO Episode of the “Mavpuckcast” - S4, E5 - “Sweeps, Lobby Celebrations, Predictions”

  • Tuesday, October 19, 2021 11:01 PM
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    Our second full-video episode of the season — “Sweeps, Lobby Celebrations, Predictions” — looks at the UNO Hockey team’s sweep over Alaska at Baxter Arena on Oct. 15 and 17. In “The Shootout” segment, we offer suggestions to improve an in-game promo and analyze the return of the post-game lobby celebration (includes celebration footage). We wrap the episode up with our predictions for the upcoming series against Long Island University. 

    Full-video episode: 

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  • Wednesday, October 20, 2021 7:47 PM
    Reply # 11686303 on 11646429

    Oh, gosh… that’s what you guys look like?

    ‘Not Jolene’… nice.

    You’ve obviously never heard Terry talk about the two-goal lead.

    Can we get rid of 3-on-3 overtime? Let’s do a 10-minute 5-on-5.

    We’ve seen that play from Omaha before. I feel like Ward had a couple goals like that, last year. The beauty of winning a faceoff clean.

    Sullivan only took 9 faceoffs. Being buried on the line chart – he’s been centering the 3rd line – will do that.

    Omaha did not look ready to play Sunday. It was ugly for a period and a half. It wasn’t until Wards’ first that the team took off. It was ugly – with attempts to play too cute.

    Obviously we can look at the stats, and pick a player of the weekend. Maybe we should talk about guys who have disappeared, or didn’t show up.

    Jason – you hinting that you also think Primeau had a hattrick on Sunday? I’m not sure Ward got his stick on that puck before it crossed the line… if at all.

    Really, Jason? Totally not up with the times. I can live without Floss Cam, Smile Cam, Kiss Cam, Flex Cam…

    Center ice might not be a bad idea – except that nobody stays. I’d prefer center ice for player safety. Player will is a good explanation.

    I haven’t received an information on alumni gathering. I doubt I will. Prove me wrong, Kemper.

    Post-game comments by Gabinet indicate an injury for Tychonick. And Connor seems to know about Smallidge – ask him.

    Games aren’t played on paper, Jason. And who cares who the opponent is – need a killer instinct. No more playing down to opponents. You don’t see Michigan slow down, you don’t see North Dakota let up, you don’t see Minnesota hold back. We should also temper expectations until we show we can consistently play high level against lesser teams. Looks what happened between St. Cloud and St. Thomas. Look at the 1997 Maine series.

    College hockey teams don’t need to rest goaltenders. The majority of teams who go to the Frozen Four ride one horse.

    Haven’t seen Zab at all. Won’t, either.

    It can be both.

    Go Mavs.

  • Wednesday, October 20, 2021 11:00 PM
    Reply # 11692539 on 11686303
    Chris wrote…

    Can we get rid of 3-on-3 overtime? Let’s do a 10-minute 5-on-5.

    agree 100%, then it would be a hockey game. Don’t like ties? Well sometime a ‘lesser team’ should be equally rewarded  if that’s what happened. Btw… I stand corrected on Abate (different post), he’s back to contributing (maybe not statistically yet) and has cleaned it up!

  • Thursday, October 21, 2021 10:39 AM
    Reply # 11717099 on 11646429
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    NOTE: We had a rather lengthy discussion on whether or not the "Primeau-to-Ward" goal was ever touched by Primeau... unfortunately, Jason froze on Zoom a couple times during that. During my edit it made more sense to simply "hint" at the fact that Jason thought it was a goal, and subsequent hat trick (since it was choppy once the freezes were edited out). 

    But yes, he completely agreed. When I was in the arena, I thought Ward had tipped it in, but when I watched it back (with all the various angles) it doesn't look like he touched it at all. 


    The more I see 3-on-3 OT (and teams deal with the Pairwise ramifications at win in OT results in), the more I would like to go back to the 5-on-5 OT period (I'm fine with 5 minutes, but that could potentially be tweaked longer). 

    NOTE: I talked at greater length about the 3-on-3 format in the episode. I edited it out for time/pace (we're trying to keep these in the 30-40 minute range). I didn't say much of note (other than the fact that anything can happen). I know the format can be exciting for fans, but it can take a close, hard-fought game, and make it "much easier" for a random bauble or bounce to determine a game. Sometimes I think it is a disservice to the the teams involved. 

    Anyhow, if I get a chance, I *might* put up some of the "deleted footage" up on those topics... 

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  • Thursday, October 21, 2021 9:19 PM
    Reply # 11739153 on 11646429

    To my eye, standing in that corner, with a great view: I thought Ward eventually got a piece of it. The only question was if he did before it got across the line.

    I looked at my sister-in-law, and told her I thought it might be Primeau's hattrick.

    I wonder if we can request rafter cam from UNO, to see all the views.

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