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FULL VIDEO Episode of the “Mavpuckcast” - S4, E4 - “Bridget & Jolene Take Over The Podcast”

  • Tuesday, October 12, 2021 10:16 AM
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    Two firsts on the “Mavpuckcast” this week: It is our first FULL VIDEO episode of the show, and it is the first time Bridget and Jolene take the reins of an episode. 

    The ladies discuss UNO Hockey’s sweep of main, address several Omaha Hockey-related topics in "The Shootout" segment, offer their predictions for the upcoming series against Alaska. 

    This episode also includes footage of the Mavboni crash during the Oct. 9 game. 

  • Tuesday, October 12, 2021 11:22 AM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    And since audio is typically the tradition, here are the audio versions of this week's episode of the podcast. SoundCloud or Apple Podcasts — you pick the flavor:

  • Wednesday, October 13, 2021 5:43 PM
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    …and I’m rolling up my sleeves.


    We don’t get the technical analysis from Jon or Jason, either – do you ever listen to this podcast?

    It was a good response from the team. Never like being behind – but to see them overcome that deficit was a definite positive.

    A lot of depth. It’s ‘choose your poison’ for the opponents. We’re a difficult team to matchup defensively with.

    Mancini (Baby Elephant) is a man among boys. Only seen one penalty be for lack of discipline – the “tripping” penalty on Saturday. It was a slash, but whatever.

    Abate, so far, has been good. But, yes: ANYBODY BUT KECK! ABATE!

    Saville made some huge saves. He looks calm. But still looks like he’s fighting the puck a little. This week he got some help from defense.

    McManus has been a presence. Wasn’t his the goal that was (rightfully) disallowed?

    Test driver, Jolene Combs.

    Not orange-armbanded. It was linesman Nathan Stanton who kicked the fish. I’m guessing it was to keep the Mavboni away from the goalie. And the replacement tried to hotshot it.

    Smart move, good awareness by the ice crew to usher the Mavboni off that elephant gate.

    I think you’re right, that it was the first second fish toss.


    Primeau’s stick became a frequent tool in clearing snow – both by the refs and Primeau, himself.

    I’m hoping Drew Duncan’s mic was turned off as a result of the arena staff turning it off the night before with Screamy McScreamerson.

    Players provide the entertainment, not people with mics. You’re being too nice, Bridget.

    Lol… Delta Dental Smile for the Camera… uh… MASKS! Duh. I’m sure the sponsor still pays for that spot.

    Four games with Alaska. Kemp has always tried to help programs in need: Wayne State, Findlay, Huntsville, both Alaska schools, Arizona State.

    Such a raw deal for the Alaska schools. But really, the NCHC is to blame.

    The team should just listen to Jolene and Bridget. Like Mites – just do what the people yell.

    Interesting note on the Pod, that maybe the NCHC is prepped for strange weekend schedules.

    Thanks for stepping in ladies – nice job.
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