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“Mavpuckcast” - Season 4, Episode 3

  • Thursday, October 07, 2021 8:58 AM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This week's episode clocks in at only 33 minutes — that means Chris has less to comment on. ;-)

    We have a new "quick topic" segment called "The Shootout," where we discuss a number of things (including the new grey jerseys).  

  • Friday, October 08, 2021 4:09 PM
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    Gooood morning, Vietnam!

    Is there a complaint here?

    The goal in the final couple minutes of the game/period – very Blaiseque.

    We looked awful on Sunday.

    Saturday was the better game, but need to bury teams when we play like that. Need a killer instinct. But I think the early 2-0 lead was not a good thing. Looked like a walk, and it came with a letoff on the gas.

    Saville was not sharp Saturday. Poor rebound control. Don’t think Saville could’ve done anything about any of the three goals Saturday – aside from rebound control on goals two and three. But defense had a responsibility to bail him out on the rebounds – they failed, and Saville left himself helpless.

    Let’s not sell Lake Superior State short. They were a tournament team, last season. I’m not sure they lost a lot, and they did bring in a lot.

    Fans… ugh. I wonder how many people are still gun shy about large gatherings – especially when you can’t trust the people around you to be responsible. But it is disappointing to see fans not backing a tournament team.

    Player of the weekend… Matt Miller. Runner up might be Joey Abate – just for the improvement he showed at the dot. Or were the Lakers just that bad on faceoffs? Abate also stayed out of the box.

    Scanlin was good. He showed up a lot on offense. (Nobody ever notices defensive play, unless it legit saves a goal.)

    Those people on twitter or wherever you get comments – they need to settle down. Sounds like they just shred you, Jon.

    Jon, aren’t you the Elias Sports Bureau for Mav Hockey? When was the last penalty shot – prior to McManus? When was the last successful penalty shot?

    McManus’ was totally legit. I saw it right away. Had no faith in the ref to make that call. Seemed like he was looking for any way out of it.

    Abate’s… I had it has penalty shot all the way. But I think with 1:36 to kill on a penalty in a two-goal game… I would’ve rather taken the minor penalty (Gabinet has the option), play 4-on-4, and run the clock out.

    Shootouts are overrated. Too much use of the penalty shot. Takes the special out of it. Oh… not that kind.

    Rapid fire, Jason!

    Grey sweaters… 3. Pointy Bull, good. No ‘Western’ font, good. Color pallet, bad. Names disappeared, bad. No red, bad. Single stripe, bad.


    No beer and no beer make Jason something something.

    Black market concessions!

    Ooooooh… lobby celebrations. I think it comes back. I still want to see it improved. Lake Superior State goes out and rings a ships bell after victories. I want to see Omaha go sing in the lobby, then ring a dinner triangle outside Baxter Arena to announce the victory to Aksarben, campus, and the surrounding neighborhoods.

    Rumors? Can we talk about the Fleetwood Mac album?

    Over. Someone always drives the price up on auction sweaters. Jason might be closer to the truth.

    Maybe we should go back and compare the grey sweaters to the first Military Appreciation sweaters – after the fail on Kaufmann’s original order.

    Captains have the 25th on the back. Everyone else has the ‘O’.

    Welcome to the Maine Event.

    They lack goaltending. Thing were not good for the Black Bears without Swayman. New coach this year – sadly, after Red Gendron’s death. First game of the season might be rough, emotional for them. Wonder if Omaha will pay respect.

    Hard to judge based off last year. But only three wins is noteworthy.

    Is Tralmaks still there?

    Pessimistic view of where we’re going. But probably right to be cautious. I don’t trust people to make good decision, anymore.

    Going to be interesting to see how this team responds to playing on the road – once we get there. What was the first road trip, last year? How did we do?

    1180 am, there is a website to stream the audio feed. NCHC.tv will have the games, too. Otherwise, Bridget will periscope it… I’m sure. Bridget???

    Guest hosts, Jon.

    Go Mavs.

  • Friday, October 08, 2021 4:10 PM
    Reply # 11207315 on 11147376
    Admin wrote:

     that means Chris has less to comment on.

    LOL... I just saw this.

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