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“Mavpuckcast” - Season 4, Episode 2

  • Tuesday, September 28, 2021 11:44 AM
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    Episode 2... 

  • Friday, October 01, 2021 9:03 PM
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    Hockey? I’m here to buy AmWay products.

    Number 6 will always be Tom Shaffer. …and I guess that made me Jason Mitchell – but a lot taller.

    I’m not certain we had time for an exhibition game. Usually you can’t play before October 1, and with us starting on October 2 – no exhibition. Though, I wonder if they might add one later.

    Youth hockey season gets earlier and earlier every year. It’s not a good thing. Also means done in early March. Seriously, hockey season is early October to early April… FIX IT, USA HOCKEY.

    Oh, sure… shout out to Connor – but not the guy who actually posts here.

    Good call on the connection to Muskegon. Also have huge connections to Lincoln.

    Don’t forget Weiss was injured early in that freshman year, and that may have been a factor in stunting his development. I question if he’s every been fully healthy at Omaha.

    We have had very good luck with incoming transfers. Trying to think of someone who transferred out, who became someone. Can only think of Seeler.

    Not concerned about lack of production last year from Mueller. The Canadian junior leagues only played 15-20 games. His goals were up, his points per game were up, his PIM were up. It could’ve been a lost year in development, but the limited numbers look good.

    There were Red-White games through… ’07? I remember helping Kemp with camera during the Mike Kemp Show days for that scrimmage – usually at Tranquility. Might have done one at Qwest.

    Cash is King, Jon.  I’d be concerned about online ordering. Has anyone dealt with the WiFi in Baxter Arena?  Hi, I ordered my food 35 minutes ago – I just got a text that it was delivered to Section 116 in Ralston Arena….

    Good fear, Jason. You’re learning how things happen at UNO.


    NCHC Prediction: St. Cloud, Duluth, Denver, North Dakota, Omaha, Western Michigan, Miami, Colorado College



    Brandon Bussi.


    Omaha needs to get over the Miami hump. Persson will be tough to beat, and Miami has a mental edge over Omaha – just like Denver did.

    Should we also trend #fireBerry?

    I think the NHL and all NCAA teams should got to International-sized sheets. Open up the game a bit.

    Yes, Loveland has another regional this year. There is also one in Worcester!


    …and now Jason will pick the team that will finish 55th.


    What has endless 1st round picks meant for North Dakota?


    My conference picks:

    Atlantic Hockey – American International

    Hockey East – Northeastern (or maybe BU)

    ECAC – Quinnipiac

    B1G – oof… let’s go off the board for Penn State.

    CCHA – Minnesota State (with Bowling Green in hot pursuit)

    NCHC – St. Cloud… but not for the tournament.


    Excited to hear Roehl. But wish Greg Harrington could’ve come back.

    CCHA: Carbon Copy Hockey Association

    I like Lake State. I still have a place for them from the early 90s. I was thinking losing Marek Mitens would loom large for the Lakers… but the backups – in VERY limited action – played well, last year.


    Wrap it up, boys.

    Go Mavs.

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