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NCHC 2021-2022 (no masks required)

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  • Thursday, September 16, 2021 8:52 AM
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    It seems like forever since we have had something normal to look forward to, but the NCHC preseason poll was released yesterday:


    as always this will be a running thread with a look around the NCHC and college hockey in general.  

    first my nchc predictions and comments:

    8. Colorado College: I think it was a huge mistake to fire mike haviland, but new arena so there was a lot of pressure to improve results. CC lost all of their top scorers from last year: Josiah Slavin, Ben Copeland, and Grant Cruikshank and this was a team that struggled to score. the new arena looks nice but the product on the ice will not be very good.

    7. Miami: it's been an uphill struggle for the redhawks/redmen since joining the NCHC. there is a lot of complaining from some miami fans that they would be better off in a cost containment league like the WCHA (for the record I don't see that happening) they return Persson in goal but I don't see many positives offensively.

    6. Western Michigan: Every year I pick this team to finish higher then they do, so I'm gonna downgrade them. Andy Murray decided it was time for the graveyard, but a lot of pieces return from last year. WMU returns the top ten scorers from last season, including talented graduate forwards Paul Washe, Ethen Frank, and Josh Passolt. Goaltending is always a question mark and they were terrible on the road last year.

    5. North Dakota: A team that went shopping in the transfer portal and added a bunch of new parts. Zach Driscoll takes over in goal and lots of new faces. Just have a hunch North Dakota is replacing parts on a ford pinto...

    4. Omaha: all the pieces are there to be better than last year. 4th might actually be too low. the top 15 point producers from last season are back and have added some talent with Cameron Berg and Brannon McManus. can the mavs be more disciplined this year? (looking at you joey abate) This should be a team that plays in st. paul come march. get your hotel room now.

    3. UMD. there is a lot to like on this team: Miami transfer Casey Gilling will make an impact. and their defensive core returns pretty much intact. they found a good goaltender tandem in Zach Stejskal and Ryan Fanti. I don't see a lot of weaknesses on this team.

    2. DU: Last year was an abberation for DU as they had trouble finishing games. this may be a reach prediction but I think they are going to surprise a lot of people this year. Carter Savoie, captain Cole Guttman, Bobby Brink, and Antti Tuomisto return Plus they are adding some more talent with Shai Buium, Sean Behrens and Carter Mazur.

    1. St Cloud: a team that made it to the NCAA championship game is returning pretty much everyone. David Hrenak returns in goal along with nick perbix, Kevin Fitzgerald Easton Brodzinski Luke Jaycox and Seamus Donohue. should make another run at an NCAA championship.

    quick hits:

    Michigan on paper looks extremely good, but let's see the results on ice.

    Bowling Green is my pick in the former WCHA/CCHA/whatever they want to call themselves.

    I don't have a clue about the ECAC or hockey east. with the transfer portal plus the lack of games it's hard to make a guess. -- some of those teams haven't played in over a year.

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  • Monday, October 04, 2021 3:14 PM
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    First week is in the books:

    saturday = big meh:  they should have put the pointy bull on the home white sweaters.  couldn't read the nameplates.  overall the gray jerseys and the game were disappointing.   I actually thought LSSU played much better on Sunday but so did UNO.   a little surprised that Mcmanus was a scratch on Sunday.

    I have brought back the time honored tradition of opposing jersey wearing (I don't have a long island jersey yet)


    welcome to the big leagues st. thomas!   gonna be a long uphill battle at the DI level.

    Miami gave up 4 to ferris saturday and then lost on sunday.  looks like another potentially long year in oxford but it's early yet.

    how about dryden mckay at mankato?  big sweep of the defending champs umass.   mckay now just one shutout away from tying ryan millers ncaa record.   very good start for mankato.  too bad they play in that cost containment league.   Mike hastings has done a very nice job with that program.

    Umass lowell and arizona state split.  Keep an eye on lowell this year.  they could be a sleeper team in hockey east.

    gonna be a tough choice with the maine jersey this week -- I'm sure you all are looking forward to seeing it! :-)

  • Monday, October 04, 2021 4:45 PM
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    Thought UNO played very well Saturday until the end of each period, then they seemed to forget how to play or pass or defend, and the same with OT. I don't like the Saturday Night Fever Travolta style face-off warning: Strike a Disco pose and point up. Too soon to say about the penalty shot, I don't want to hate something just because it's new. Seville let in 4 goals on 13 or 14 shots.

    Sunday UNO seemed to not know where team mates were or how hard to hit the puck to get it there. Lots of blinds drop passes to Lake State players. But Seville was back in form. Power Play for neither team is going to scare anyone if this is an example. We had guys in front of the net (good) but facing out and unable to react to pucks that bounced off the goalie. I also wondered why the Saturday goalie didn't play Sunday for Lake State.

  • Monday, October 04, 2021 5:36 PM
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    I thought UNO played better on Saturday (in particular, the first period) than they did on Sunday. 

    When you look at Sunday's game, I thought Lake State controlled play the first two periods. As Ed pointed out, goaltending was stronger on Sunday, and I think it made the difference.

    I know some fans discount early season games, but the way the Pairwise Ranking system is structured, non-conference wins early can have a big impact when the final rankings come out.

    *** Friendly reminder that college hockey rankings are built entirely on mathematical comparisons -- the human element isn't involved. We can say that until we're blue in the face, but people continue to think "the committee" has some influence. (That only happened last season due to COVID essentially eliminating non-conference play... otherwise the committee is just a formality).   

    That was a tough loss on Saturday giving up a 1-goal lead with <2:00 to go in the third period. 

    Overall, UNO has considerably more depth than last season. I don't think you'll necessarily see a "gassed" team as the season wears along. Having three solid lines should help. They can be really good — just have to develop a killer instinct in these sorts of series. 

    Lake State has improved since the days when we were conference-mates with them, but I don't know that they are "NCHC good." Yes, they made the NCAA tournament, but we'll have to see how they match up in the new-look CCHA this season. 

    I really thought we'd come out with two wins. But it is early, so I'll chalk it up to early season adjustment. 

    It's important for UNO to tally a healthy number of wins this month (in terms of the PWR down the road and team confidence). After the Miami series on Nov. 5-6, they'll have a slate of games that includes road series at St. Cloud and W. Michigan. 

  • Sunday, October 10, 2021 2:08 PM
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    Solid sweep by UNO this weekend:  you can see all the pieces coming together to do some serious damage in conference play.   the mavs will be a tough out for anyone this year.  a very good team.  (wish more people were there to see it -- is it just me or is attendance way down this year so far?)  -- is it the rona? is it how sexy I am in my opposing jersey?  curious minds want to know....

    couple things to nitpik:  UNO has to be careful of that extra pass in the offensive zone:   thought they got a little to cute this weekend.

    If I am watching film on UNO I would shoot high glove side on saville.  that's where to beat him. 

    DU looks very good after their beatdown of asu friday and gets the sweep on saturday:   there was a reason I picked them 2nd.  I thought they would be very good this year with the influx of new talent.

    St. cloud and mankato split:  I expect that these two teams will meet down the road in the NCAAs.  2 very good teams (probably the best 2 in the country right now.

    UMD sweeps Bemidji.  Bemidji always difficult to play with their super trap philosophy.   good start for the bulldogs.


    wisconsin called and they would would like cole caufield back.  what a bad performance by wisconsin.  First sweep for michigan tech in madison since 1974.  overall except for michigan and minnesota a less than great weekend for the big 10.  Michigan state, ohio state and penn state all loose on friday.

    Union looses both games to UNH.  Union could be very very bad this year.  UNH is nothing special.

    Speaking of extremely bad teams:  CC got a tie playing st. lawrence.   other than Ferris state I think CC and st. lawrence could possibly be the worst teams in existence.  (i'm not including st. thomas since they just started - but they are not going to be very good in their first year.... at least rico blasi is back!

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  • Sunday, October 10, 2021 3:49 PM
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    Since we had people with medical issues all pop up Friday/Saturday we didn't make the Saturday game, but the Friday game I thought was about average attendance for the upper bowl for this time of the year, pre-pandemic. The club section looks empty. I haven't wandered around the concourse to see what the lower level looks like attendance wise in the non student/non club sections. Saturday probably took a Cornhusker hit. I was reliant on CHN for news as we  didn't watch any sports Saturday and we were adult sitting someone who just had surgery.

  • Sunday, October 10, 2021 7:34 PM
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    They ought to trim that club section by 60%, always <20% full…

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  • Thursday, October 14, 2021 10:15 AM
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    They ought to trim that club section by 60%, always <20% full…

    I wonder if they'll ever decide to reconfigure that... Obviously, more seats are sold than there are attendees in the seats. 
  • Friday, October 15, 2021 8:01 AM
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    Anonymous wrote:

    They ought to trim that club section by 60%, always <20% full…

    I wonder if they'll ever decide to reconfigure that... Obviously, more seats are sold than there are attendees in the seats. 

    i say that is the biggest ‘cavity’ in fandom… wanna fill the place? Add the two wing section of the club seats and moderate all lower bowl based on the volume!
  • Monday, October 18, 2021 12:33 PM
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    Sunday showed what the mavs are capable of. Friday showed the mavs have some work to do. giving up a two goal lead to alaska is bad. sundays blowout win is good. big day sunday for the weiss primeau ward line. one more cupcake non conference series to go before the real tests start. I'm excited to see what this team is really capable of.

    Did not see sundberg return after being hit up high. Hopefully the week off will help with some injuries.


    I hate to say it but that michigan team looks very legitimate. two big wins this weekend against UMD and Mankato

    what impressed me about michgan was not their offense but their defense. Erik Portillo only allowed one goal on 29 shots.

    Miami continues to struggle dropping a pair to michgan state.

    the nchc officals did not have a good weekend: some questionable calls Friday against UNO and a very bad missed call in the St. Cloud and Minnesota game saturday. it was so bad that the league actually released a statement stating that they blew it. I don't have a quick fix for the officiating but it seems it gets worse every year.

    DU continues to score goals in bunches hanging another 8 goals on the board against air force. I have not seen DU play but the early results seem to indicate their lack of scoring from last year is fixed in a major way.

    North Dakota gets beat by Bemidji state in overtime. mixed results for the NCHC for sure while the big10 goes 11-0-1 this weekend (as much as it pains me to type that.)

    Crazy situation between UNH and Arizona state over the weekend. the UNH goalie was given a 5 minute major and a game misconduct. can't say I have ever seen that before. anyone else ever seen anything like that?

    in the slap fest game of the week: Union and CC skate to a 3 all tie saturday. Union now 1-2-1 on the year and CC drops to 0-2-2.

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